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Like Cinque Terre – but without the crowds

A few miles from Italy’s honeypot villages, but overlooked by the cruise ship tours, Framura offers tranquil hamlets and gorgeous walks, sea views and cuisine

‘For me this is the best place in the world,” says Elena Bisio, as I puff behind her up the stony path. We crest a hill known as Salto della Lepre (hare’s leap) and I have to agree the climb is worth it: from a natural terrace 200 metres high we gaze north-west over a panorama of steep slopes falling into blue sea, with villages huddled under almost vertical walls of rock, or clinging to green hillsides.

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Celebrate local with KrisShop

3 underwater restaurants to dine at around the world

Live Like English Royalty at The Royal Crescent Hotel & Spa

When most people plan a trip to England, they tend to make London their home base. But there is so much more to the country than its capital, such as the beautiful Roman-influenced Bath in Somerset, which is why when I found myself with a long layover ...


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Private Hayman Island by InterContinental Reopens

In the heart of the Great Barrier Reef, located in one of only four of Australia’s Whitsunday Islands, the InterContinental Hayman Island Resort recently reopened it’s doors to guests, after a cyclone damaged the island two years ago.



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Friday, 30 August 2019

Whistler's Luxury Touch Is Full of Memborable Experiences and Adventure

The Canadian resort of Whistler is best known for its icy peaks and legendary ski slopes, but this vibrant part of British Columbia has something to offer visitors at any time of year. If you’re looking to visit in style, Whistler has luxury hote...


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15 best things to do in Delhi

Delhi serves up an astounding cornucopia of history, culture, cuisine, commerce and street life, with countless sights and activities to keep visitors thoroughly engaged.

At first glance, the capital city can seem an overwhelming place to negotiate, but give it time and you’ll feel the chaos subside, revealing delicate vignettes of daily life and layer upon layer of ancient history, built up over 2000 years of settlement.

Here are 15 great things to do in this fast-paced and frantic, but fun-filled capital.

1. Admire the grandeur of Humayun’s Tomb

Humayun’s Tomb combines Persian elegance with fine Indian craftsmanship, and its graceful lines are mirrored by the fiercely symmetrical Mughal Gardens that surround it. For the best photos, stroll here at dusk, or simply admire the architecture at any time of day. Believed to be the precursor of its more famous look-alike, the Taj Mahal, this Unesco-protected monument is well worth the relatively high entry fee.

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2. Sample Delhi’s delectable street food


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The fervour of Ganesh Chaturthi

The frenzied and energetic celebrations of Lord Ganesha’s birthday have reached fever pitch and if you happen to be in Goa, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh you are definitely in for quite a treat.

Ganesha, Ganpati, Vinayaga – the endearing elephant-god known by many names is believed to bring good fortune and remove obstacles. He is, therefore, the primary god to propitiate before setting out on any task.

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Festivals of the month: September 2019

From celebrations centred around the birth of Lord Krishna last month, the coming month puts the spotlight on welcoming Lord Ganesha once again into his devotees’ lives. That is not all! September lines up a number of festivals that not just give you a peek into a world of fascinating traditions but also lets you participate in many fun filled activities. Let’s take a look at some of them!

Ladakh Festival
When: September 1-4
Where: Leh

Against the backdrop of a surreal, rugged landscape, this four-day festival offers a kaleidoscope of colours for visitors. Shutterbugs, especially, will never have enough of this region’s fascinating flavours, be it the monastery’s traditional masked dances done by lamas or games such as polo and village archery competitions. The Ladakh Festival commences with an inauguration ceremony in Leh that sees a huge procession of cultural troupes from across Ladakh to gather at the Polo Ground for yet another fiesta of dance and music. This is also a great time to try out the traditional Ladakhi cuisine, such as mokthuk, thukpa, paba and tangtur, etc and pick up souvenirs such as thangka paintings, dragon pottery and turquoise jewellery.

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When: September 2-13
Where: Kerala

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Eateries in Delhi-NCR for a quick meal

The capital region is buzzing with new cafes and restaurants opening every week. Here are some new and hip eating places to try in the NCR.

Pra Pra Prank

Set in the buzzing Cyber Hub complex of Gurugram, Pra Pra Prank is the go-to stop for anyone willing to chill with a group of friends or get their weekend mojo back. The ambience is multi-layered with various settings, from buzzy outdoor, to a flashback and classy indoor.

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Husband arrested in Changi Airport for elaborate gesture for wife - New Zealand Herald

Husband arrested in Changi Airport for elaborate gesture for wife  New Zealand Herald

A man has been arrested at Singapore's Changi Airport for farewelling his wife.

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OCBC targets $1b annual billings in 3 years for new travel credit card - The Straits Times

OCBC targets $1b annual billings in 3 years for new travel credit card  The Straits Times

OCBC Bank has unleashed a new travel credit card called OCBC 90°N that it expects will rack up $1 billion in annual billings within three years. It aims to enrol ...

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Didier Ludot, J'adore!

Didier Ludot's window at the Palais Royal, is always a show stopper for me. Their collection of vintage courture is magnifique! 

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Nature's Playground Awaits At Sage Lodge

Alongside the Yellowstone River, Sage Lodge opened in summer 2018 in the heart of Paradise Valley in Montana. The luxury resort offers a



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The Bulgari Hotel Beijing, Living La Dolce Vita at Peking's Most Opulent Urban Resort

The name of Bulgari brings to mind fine jewels, high style, and Italian beauty. To the delight of discerning travelers, this iconic jewellery house has extended its brand DNA into the hospitality industry with their fine hotel experiences in selec



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Tradition plays key role in service and style at The St. Regis Washington, DC

Promptly at six, the ceremony began.



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Half-Lion, Half-Fish, Whole- You, Whole - Travel !

When you see half-human , half-fish? You picturized mermaid. But when you see half-fish, half- lion? First thing to come up to your mind is Singapore. Right? And the so-called Merlion.

Singapore is just a small country found in an island city state off Southern Malaysia . You may find it tiny in map but its a successful and well-developed country. It’s main landmark is the Merlion Park, a lot of people i staking picture here to emphasize Singapore. It is located in One Fullerton Road, you won’t get lost as everyone knows where it is, even without a map in their hand.

Merlion is a fictitious creature with a lion’s head and body of a fish. The late sculptor Mr. Lim Nang Seng created it. You may think that people must have seen such creatures in real life that they made it as a statue to reminisce about it . But you are wrong.

The fish body represents the origin of fishing village in Singapore.
The lion’s head signifies lion city as the old name Singapura.

Except Merlion, there is a lot more to discover in Singapore. You will always have this light bulb above your head once you’ve been there. 

There is no other way to find out but to see whether you can come there without visa or should you apply?

Then, you should start checking Singapore e-visa details. You can actually visit this site where you can check Singapore e-visa fees and requirements. With this Singapore e-visa online,  you may start your plan and other itinerary. Once you visit the site, you may find the Singapore e-visa application form, it is normally called the 14a form. Here you fill up your personal details and once done, you may select tours as well. They also offer other services such as airport pick up and drop off. Cost of Singapore e-visa is suitable for your family, friends, or partners.

Sri Lanka - Heaven on Earth

Here we are, to help you make Sri Lanka ETA visa application just a simple pre-journey before your wonderful trip starts.

Visit our Sri Lanka eVisa official website to make sure that it has never been easier before.
All you have to do is to go through 3 easiest steps ever:

Step 1. Online Application
Step 2. Payment & Confirmation
Step 3. Approval

Here are some explanations what Sri LAnka ETA visa is.

Sri Lanka ETA visa is a kind of visa issued absolutely online, from submission to collection.
Sri Lanka eVisa has 3 types that can suit any purpose of your desired visit.

  1. Tourist eVisa
  2. Business eVisa
  3. Transit eVisa

ETA can be obtained even before your tickets are booked. Which makes it easier and way more convenient to plan your trip

Applying with us, your visa will be issued within 24-48 working hours, and you may speed it up to 1-12 working hours, by choosing the Express service. Your eVisa will be valid for double entry with a period of 30 days.

Now you see how simple it can be. We are official eVisa service provider that makes sure our clients have the most enjoyable experience planning their trips to Sri Lanka.
Once you visit Sri Lanka, you would always want to come back, therefore we are partners for life, cause once you try applying with us, you would never be able to imagine to plan your trip without us.

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Spirit of Sri Lanka

Have you ever been to Sri Lanka? Have you ever seen such natural wonders as huge rocks in the middle of forests, or herds of wild elephants and rolling hills. Sri Lanka is surely the ideal place for nature lovers and explorers. It is the place of full spiritual refreshment and island of serendipity.

However, to make your dream come true, you will have to take care of your legal entry and stay in Sri Lanka. We are here to help you make your trip stress free and joyful.

You will be surprised how the visa process becomes simple with us. All you need is to go through 3 easy steps.

Provide your particulars, according to your passport and submit some requirements that are needed to start the process. Make sure, all the information you type in is correct and valid. By this you will ensure a smooth application procedure.
At this step you get to choose the type of your visa. Whether you tend to apply for Tourism purpose, Business or just a Transit one.

Step 2. Payment & Confirmation
Once you make sure that all the information you have provided is correct you will get to the point where you will need to confirm your visa application by making a payment. Choose the right payment methods according to the visa type, that will fit your case. All you have to do is to fill up the payment information on our secured official website page.

Step 3. Approval
Once these 2 steps are completed, you will receive the notification email from our supporting team to ensure you that all is confirmed and your application is in right hands. All you have to do now is to wait for the Visa Approval. Do not worry, as soon as your Sri Lanka ETA visa is Approved, it will be sent to you via email. The last move is to print the eVisa and provide it at the passport control at the airport.

Now that you know how simple it is to apply with us, we are confident you will make a right decision while choosing a trusted agent for your Sri Lanka eVisa, as we are the best visa provider that will definitely make sure, you will be safe and sound while having your dream trip.

Jungle at Night

Who doesn’t love animals? Or Do you have a pet at home? Have you watched The Lion King? Madagascar? Actually even nursery rhymes have cute animals . Well the reason is  humans are the highest form of animal. We do have this natural feeling with them. We do go to zoos to see unusual animals. This we do during morning time as that is the time they were active and can interact to all especially kids.

But, have you ever experience a nocturnal zoo? Or the famous Night Safari in Singapore. It is the First in the world to open a night zoo. There are 900 animals inside that you may experience their jungle life for a while.
You will be in a car to travel their wilderness .

Are you excited enough to meet them? Well then visit and check singapore e-visa cost. For tourism purpose this is the convenient way to apply and get there.

However, Singapore e-visa business can be applied to your country of residence or if your main purpose is tourism you may still apply singapore e-visa online.

 Most of the travellers were family with their kids. Once you pay the cost of Singapore e-visa, you will have an automatic email from the visa executive confirming your Singapore e-visa application form and if there is any other documents to be asked, you will be notified right away. The visa executive will review your Singapore e-visa application form on their Singapore e-visa portal. They will check each and every documents and you will be assured it is strictly private and only for Singapore e-visa applications.

Hereafter, you may choose their Night Safari tour , they also offer package with Indian Dinner. Their driver will pick you from your hotel and drop you together with the tickets at the Night Safari gate and you may now experience the mesmerizing feeling  this animals will bring you. 

NZeTA for New Zealand

On August 2019, the Government of New Zealand implemented the NZeTA to facilitate obtaining an authorization to visit the country for Tourism and Transit purposes. The new online process is valid for 2 years and allows multiple entries to New Zealand.
NZeTA can be easily obtained online, simplifying the process to enter New Zealand by offering travelers the option to apply directly online for a travel authorization.
The eTA for New Zealand grants its holder multiple entries to the country during its 2-year validity. Holders of the NZeTA are generally allowed to stay in the country for stays of up to 90 days from their date of arrival in New Zealand. Passports must have a minimum validity of at least three (3) months from the expected date of departure from New Zealand.
Visitors traveling to New Zealand for short-term stays can apply to have a NZeTA to travel to and within the country. To be able to obtain a valid eTA travel authority to visit New Zealand, travelers should complete an NZeTA online application. The online New Zealand eTA application is straightforward and simple to complete. To get the New Zealand eTA, citizens of eligible countries are required to carefully fill out an online application form.

Panda’s motherland

We are pretty sure that most of us love such a cute creation as panda. We all know that the motherland of these animals is China. If you are one of the panda’s lovers you are definitely would enjoy the trip to this country.

At least in three places you will get an opportunity to see this teddy bears close. Those are Chengdu Panda Breeding and Research Center, Dujiangyan Panda Valley, and Bifengxia Panda Base.

What does pandas like the most? Right, it is bamboo. Here comes the next attractive spot that can get you shocked. “See of Bamboo” is considered as the biggest forest of bamboo groves and it is the favorite natural spot for many tourists around  the world.

Now that you know your next destination, let us tell you what to start with.
To ensure your safety, you must think of obtaining visa to China first. It requires to find a trusted visa provider. Here is our time to shine. We are the best secured visa provider with a decade of experience in visa service.
We will make sure that applying with us will be nothing but pleasure. There are few steps to make:

1. Prepare the documents for the submission. Do not worry we will guide you all the way;

2. Submit it in our office. Our doors are open for you on weekdays from 9am to 6pm;

3. Make a payment. You can choose any preferred payment method.

4. Wait for us to give you a call once the visa is approved

There are 2 types of Visa available for your consideration, which are Tourist and Business, both are available for Single and Double entry. The choice is yours.

Now that you made sure how easy it is, what are you still waiting for? Give us a call or visit our office to get to your dream trip one step closer.

The main step towards China

Surely, everyone, at least once, would want to visit one of the greatest sights in the world The Great Wall of China, or drawn into cement jungles of Shanghai. China has it all, China never sleeps, the country of billions of people and thousands of opportunities. 

Make your dream come true by planning a trip to such an amazing country, and we are here to help you and ensure your well being.

We are official visa provider that will show you, it has never been this easy before to settle your visa application. Let’s see how it works.

Here are the 3 easiest steps to obtain your Visa to China:

Step 1.
Check whether you are required to obtain visa before your trip to China.

Step 2.
Check your passport, whether it is valid for at least 6 months from the date you plan to exit China.

Step 3.
Submit the required document at our office

There are 2 types of Visa to China that can suit your desired purpose of visit. And it is very simple with us, no matter what visa type you need, Business or Tourism.

Our service offers you secured submission with no queues and stresses. Let us do it all for you within 5 working days.

At the end you will be able to obtain either single or double entry visa, depending on your preference, with validity of 3 or 6 months respectively.

As a visa provider we advise you to plan your application one month before your travel date.

Do not think twice, as you will not regret having experience with our service. Once you try us you will be our partner for life. Visa to China has never been easier before. Visit our office anytime from Monday to Friday, from 9am to 6 pm. (1pm-2pm lunch break)