Tuesday, 13 August 2019

Jungle at Night

Who doesn’t love animals? Or Do you have a pet at home? Have you watched The Lion King? Madagascar? Actually even nursery rhymes have cute animals . Well the reason is  humans are the highest form of animal. We do have this natural feeling with them. We do go to zoos to see unusual animals. This we do during morning time as that is the time they were active and can interact to all especially kids.

But, have you ever experience a nocturnal zoo? Or the famous Night Safari in Singapore. It is the First in the world to open a night zoo. There are 900 animals inside that you may experience their jungle life for a while.
You will be in a car to travel their wilderness .

Are you excited enough to meet them? Well then visit singapore-visa.sg and check singapore e-visa cost. For tourism purpose this is the convenient way to apply and get there.

However, Singapore e-visa business can be applied to your country of residence or if your main purpose is tourism you may still apply singapore e-visa online.

 Most of the travellers were family with their kids. Once you pay the cost of Singapore e-visa, you will have an automatic email from the visa executive confirming your Singapore e-visa application form and if there is any other documents to be asked, you will be notified right away. The visa executive will review your Singapore e-visa application form on their Singapore e-visa portal. They will check each and every documents and you will be assured it is strictly private and only for Singapore e-visa applications.

Hereafter, you may choose their Night Safari tour , they also offer package with Indian Dinner. Their driver will pick you from your hotel and drop you together with the tickets at the Night Safari gate and you may now experience the mesmerizing feeling  this animals will bring you. 

NZeTA for New Zealand

On August 2019, the Government of New Zealand implemented the NZeTA to facilitate obtaining an authorization to visit the country for Tourism and Transit purposes. The new online process is valid for 2 years and allows multiple entries to New Zealand.
NZeTA can be easily obtained online, simplifying the process to enter New Zealand by offering travelers the option to apply directly online for a travel authorization.
The eTA for New Zealand grants its holder multiple entries to the country during its 2-year validity. Holders of the NZeTA are generally allowed to stay in the country for stays of up to 90 days from their date of arrival in New Zealand. Passports must have a minimum validity of at least three (3) months from the expected date of departure from New Zealand.
Visitors traveling to New Zealand for short-term stays can apply to have a NZeTA to travel to and within the country. To be able to obtain a valid eTA travel authority to visit New Zealand, travelers should complete an NZeTA online application. The online New Zealand eTA application is straightforward and simple to complete. To get the New Zealand eTA, citizens of eligible countries are required to carefully fill out an online application form.

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