Thursday, 5 September 2019

Countries to visit for the best wildlife experience

If you are a fan of wildlife travel, you may be interested in travelling to countries that have been deemed to be the best destinations for wildlife enthusiasts.

The Global Wildlife Travel Index for 2019 ranked every country on its wildlife travel offering, analysing a variety of factors including wildlife biodiversity, prevalence of national parks, conservation efforts and protected natural areas. It has been expanded to include more detailed insights this year, including an increased focus around environmental sustainability, which is ever important to the increasingly eco-conscious traveller.

True Luxury Travel analysed various factors to determine the 2019 report, which found Finland to be the best destination in the world for wildlife travel. This is due to its high levels of environmental sustainability, its unique and varied diversity of species, beautiful natural landscapes and conservation efforts. The country has also continued to see a rapid increase in visitor levels over the last year. It came top, thanks to its 39 national parks and the fact that it has forest areas that cover over 73.1% of its land.

When it came to environmental sustainability, the report looked at the risk posed to groups of species across every country. Using the Red List Index, it assessed the extinction risk of different species based on various genuine threats. Sweden, ranked second in the overall report, came in top position in this category. According to the newly-released report, the rest of the top ten best countries for wildlife travel were 3. Brazil 4. Canada 5. US 6. Norway 7. Spain. 8. Germany 9. Poland and 10. Slovenia.

India stands ranked at number 60.

The full results and findings of the Global Wildlife Travel Index 2019 can be found here.

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