Friday, 20 September 2019

Paraglider Gurpreet Dhindsa talks about his love for the sport

Air sports like paragliding are becoming highly popular among the new generation as they seek adrenaline rush along with an experience of flying in the air. Paraglider Gurpreet Dhindsa, a certified paragliding instructor from the British Hang Gliding & Paragliding Association, tells about his love for the sport of paragliding in an interview. He also shares some tips for first timers who might be scared of taking up the sport.

1- How did you develop this passion for paragliding, especially at a time when it wasn’t recognised in India?

Passion is like love… you don’t develop it, it happens.  The day I took my first flight it felt like I had arrived, I was home. Being a recognized sport or not was not in equation… nor was making money of it.

2-Please share any unique experience during your flights.

It’s been my life for over 2 decades, there were many experiences. But overall  it has enriched my life, made me aware of gift of being alive by scaring me sometimes, brought me friends, took some friends from me. If someone wants to hear stories, they can come to Bir and bring good single malts (he laughs).

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