Friday, 20 September 2019

Solo travel: how to keep costs down

Solo travel has never been more popular but the biggest challenge for those doing so is often financial. With extras like single supplements, the final tally can be more than anticipated.

Solo travellers think it’s unfair, but hotels and tour operators say it’s simply math. Not only do they lose the income from having two people in a room, but they also don’t get full value from extras like food and drinks. So hotels and cruise lines tack on the single supplement, much to our chagrin. But with solo travel on the rise, the tides are changing and travel providers are accommodating this trend in a variety of ways.

Avoiding single supplements

The dreaded single supplement is the biggest financial obstacle to solo travel. Tour operators advertise rates based on double occupancy, so when a solo traveller signs up they’re often charged up to double the per-person rate. However our voices are being heard, and travel companies are reducing or eliminating single supplements. But you need to know what to look for, and how to advocate. Here’s how.

Choose tour companies wisely

Tour companies such as Intrepid Travel and G Adventures, and cruise lines such as Adventure Canada are now accommodating for and encouraging solo travel. In some cases, they waive the single supplements for a certain number of solo travellers (on a first-come, first-served basis). In other cases they’ll play matchmaker so solo travellers can share a room and pay the lowest rate.

Check deals pages

Janice Waugh, founder of Solo Traveller, has made headway in the industry by featuring companies with no (or very low) single supplements on her regularly updated solo travel deals page. You can also sign up to receive these deals via email.

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