Thursday, 19 September 2019

Visit Greenland to witness global warming in action

In the far north of this world lies the mega ice cap of Greenland. The ice cap is 2nd in size only to Antarctica at the southern end of the planet. Greenland is the symbol of both the Arctic and, in the recent past, of climate change as huge chucks of ice from ancient glaciers are rapidly melting in this frozen world.

If you want to witness this climate change or global warming in action, then Greenland is the place to visit, particularly its western coast, next to the small town of Ilulissat, which has the largest glacier of the Northern Hemisphere spewing massive icebergs into the sea. Ilulissat can be reached by a short flight from the relatively bigger hub of Kangerlussuaq which is connected with Copenhagen, Denmark via Air Greenland.

But before reaching Greenland, a background on the science of the present day climate change.

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Climate Change & Global Warming

It’s been calculated that if all the ice in Greenland melts, it can potentially add 25 feet to global sea levels (scientist expect 2-3 feet rise by year 2100). Currently over 130 coastal cities, 50 million people and trillions of dollars of assets are at risk besides the change in our planet’s eco-system itself, on which we and all other living creatures depend.


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