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6 delicious plant-based dishes to try in Singapore

Jade Fullerton plant-based story
Jade’s braised vegan meat with capsicum, assorted mushrooms, peach gum and eggplant in sesame soy sauce served with steamed fragrant rice

1. Omnipork at Jade

Made from soy, pea, mushroom and rice proteins, Omnipork sure tastes like pork. And at this Cantonese restaurant, chef Leong Chee Yeng has constructed a comprehensive plant-based vegan menu with it and 30 other vegan-friendly ingredients.

2. Impossible Patty Melt at Park Bench Deli

Meat lovers will be convinced by this creation starring Impossible meat – the trending meat alternative made with soy protein, an iron-rich molecule called heme and coconut and sunflower oils. It’s served with caramelised onions, pickles and cheddar on rye bread and this beloved sandwich shop’s special sauce.

3. 5 Kind Sashimi at Teng Bespoke

This restaurant’s vegan sashimi dish is made with konjac jelly, but it will still remind seafood lovers of tuna, salmon, squid, scallop and prawn.

plant based
Afterglow by Anglow has a large selection of gluten-free dishes on its menu.

4. “Mac and Cheese” Cauli Bites at Afterglow by Anglow 

At this cosy vegan restaurant on Keong Saik Road, baked cauliflower is used in lieu of pasta and covered with a creamy cashew “cheese” sauce. For an added touch of health, it’s served with a heap of seasonal vegetables and mushrooms.

plant based
Sweet Potato & Quinoa Burger with Blackberry Salsa is one of many unique vegan offerings on Cafe Salivation’s menu

5. Sweet Potato & Quinoa Burger with Blackberry Salsa at Cafe Salivation

This casual Western café in Little India has been a vegetarian specialist for over a decade. Among its broad menu of pasta, pizza and sandwich offerings is this hearty burger with a patty made of sweet potato and quinoa, slathered with blackberry salsa.

6. Penang Rendang at Whole Earth

This Bib Gourmand-recognised institution specialises in Peranakan-Thai vegetarian cuisine. The menu is packed with full-flavoured dishes such as this one, made of shiitake mushrooms cooked in a rich mix of Peranakan herbs and spices.

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