Wednesday, 30 October 2019

How a concierge can make your trip unstoppable

Jose Pacuo, Head Concierge at the Milestone Hotel & Residences, London, offers some suggestions on when a concierge can make the difference to your trip.

A good concierge is the gatekeeper to their city, and is the key to unlocking exactly the experiences a guest at their hotel is after. So they’re a great place to start for personalised suggestions and advice on tours and outings. As they’re specialists in their city, you can expect a pretty accurate and tailored piece of advice.

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Concierges are engaged by guests in a variety of ways – from helping with basic necessities like finding a parking space or getting directions to planning the entire duration of a stay. If you have an unusual request, like trying to source a particular item as a gift back home, a concierge can save you time and help you find the best in class, and even arrange to buy it for you.

An experienced concierge won’t be fazed even by unusual requests, so don’t be shy in asking for their help. If they don’t know the answer themselves they’ll have an impeccable contacts book to find someone in the city who does.

This excerpt has been taken from Lonely Planet’s Best Ever Travel Tips.

via Lonely Planet India

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