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Meet Madhu Merugoju: the man who brings Indian mythology stories to life

Madhu Merugoju Silkwinds Compass
Madhu Merugoju has been painting scrolls for 22 years

Long ago, in what is now Telangana state, bards, dancers and musicians entertained and educated villagers with tales from Hindu mythology. Accompanying these performances were giant, handmade scroll paintings depicting scenes from famous stories. Today, only around 10 artisans from three families still create these scrolls, all hailing from Cheriyal village, an hour from Hyderabad. The artworks themselves have shrunk as well, from large-scale scrolls of 50 or so panels to more practical and affordable miniatures and wall hangings with single scenes.

400: Approximate number of years this artform has been in existence

Keeping the tradition alive is 36-year-old Madhu Merugoju, who works at home in Hyderabad’s Lalapet area and has been following the methods of Cheriyal scroll painting for 22 years. First, he stiffens khadi (hand-spun natural-fibre cloth) by rubbing tamarind-seed paste and chalk powder on it. He then paints a red background and outlines human and animal figures before adding other colours made from stone powders and natural water colours mixed with tree gum.

Madhu Merugoju Silkwinds Compass 2
The artform is slowly dying

Madhu mourns the fact that his art is dying, with the next generation lacking the patience to invest the three to five years required for training. He himself learned scroll painting at the age of 13, from his brother who died at a very young age.

6 to 8 months: Time it takes Madhu Merugoju to paint just one scroll

Though wrought with grief, Madhu decided to dedicate his life to the artform in his brother’s memory. He now shares his expertise with students, thanks to a grant from the state government, and dreams of forming a society to preserve and promote the art.

If you can’t make the trip to Madhu’s home studio, head to Secunderabad railway station, where displays of Cheriyal scrolls depict local traditions such as marriage ceremonies and pottery-making.

2007: The year Cheriyal scroll paintings were honoured with Geographical Indication Status by the Telangana state government

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