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3 hotels that shine the spotlight on gifted local artists

Port Muziris Lobby
The beautiful mural at Port Muziris’ lobby depicting the region’s flora and fauna

1. Port Muziris, Kochi

Named after the city’s ancient port town and inspired by the history of early explorers who traversed India’s famous Spice Route, this storied past is visually represented by its sprawling art collection from artists with ties to Kerala and the Malabar Coast. In the light-filled lobby, you’ll find a beautiful mural from Shahul Kollengode depicting the region’s diverse flora and fauna. Meanwhile, in the clean, minimalist rooms, you can find framed illustrations of a dream-like oceanscape by Vimal Chandran or panels by Vishnu Nair that recollect a fantastical story of Muziris as told through the memories of an anonymous trader.

Bailey Hotel local art
Bailey showcases pieces from diverse local artists and organisations

2. Bailey, Cairns

Opened this month, this luxury stay has an enviable location in the heart of the city centre and showcases pieces from diverse local artists and organisations. Admire the work of Natasha Davui, an Aboriginal painter whose dot paintings capture the life of Cairns’ reefs and rainforests, or look forward to the works produced from Aboriginal-owned galleries like Mainie. The hotel will also host a quarterly art initiative, including activities such as evening classes and live graffiti sessions.

Soloha Lobby
Hotel Soloha is filled with bright and vibrant artworks

3. Hotel Soloha, Singapore

Enter this boutique hotel in the heart of Chinatown’s buzzing Keong Saik Road and you’ll face a large mural comprising bright pop colours with cut-outs of swaying palms and reclining wildcats. This bold work by local artist Ethrisha Liaw firmly embodies the venue’s tropical modernist theme. Even taking the lift is an experience – get a moving glimpse of the multi-panelled “Spirit of the Forest” by artist Danielle Tay, which spans four floors. Later, look out your room’s windows and admire the sun-streaked sky as the street’s nightlife comes alive.

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