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5 high tech cameras for every type of photography enthusiast

high tech cameras
The tiny Insta360 Go is easy to use and allows you to go hands-free too

1. Insta360 Go

Weighing only 20 grams, this steady camera can shoot from seconds to hours, then uses AI to auto edit footage.

high tech cameras
The Ricoh Theta Z1 allows you to shoot photos and videos of the entire space with a single push of a button

2. Ricoh Theta Z1

Capture the majesty of your surroundings with this dual-sensor, 360-degree camera that shoots in 4K quality.

high tech cameras
With a pair of FPV goggles included in its package, this allows photographers to enjoy total immersion

3. Parrot ANAFI FPV

Compact with super quiet flights and three times zoom capabilities, this drone camera is perfect for the wilderness.

high tech cameras
The Canon EOS 5D has had several upgrades made to it

4. Canon EOS 5D

The new fourth-generation Mark IV camera boasts a broader native ISO range than its predecessor.

high tech cameras
The PhaseOne XT is the smallest and lightest Phase One camera, but does not compromise on image quality

5. Phase One XT

Form meets function with this 150-megapixel, medium-format camera. Its compact size and modular flexibility make it perfect for adventurers.

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