Friday, 8 November 2019

Ayesha Kapur’s guide to Auroville & Puducherry as a local: Food and nightlife

It is important to note that Auroville is a unique location. It can be a difficult place to understand and get a true sense of, especially as a tourist visiting for the first time and without a local showing you around. A lot of people clump Auroville along with Puducherry, but these two places are actually extremely unique not just in terms of geography but also in terms of vibe, aesthetics, and history.

It is easier to get a sense of Puducherry than Auroville, since Puducherry is state-run and doesn’t really have any restrictions towards visitors, with more information readily available online than Auroville. Both Pondy and Auroville have an excellent assortment of restaurants, stores, and interesting activities and attractions. In this article, as a local “child of Auroville” (which basically means, a local of Auroville), I will share some of my favourite things to do in both Auroville and Puducherry.

Food | Auroville

Some of my favourite restaurants and cafes in Auroville are Naturellement, Bread and Chocolate, Mark’s Coffee, and Aurovelo. La Terrace is also a great option if you know a local Aurovillian or have a guest card.

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