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Eating green: Where to find the best plant-based dishes in Asia

1. ROOTS Plant-Based Cafe, Danang

This rustic, year-old eatery serves nutritious meals with Asian and international flavours. The buns for the burgers are infused with activated charcoal or turmeric, and the smoothie bowls are packed with superfoods such as spirulina and chia seeds. Other crowdpleasers include the Japanese nori bowl, packed with nutrient-dense edamame, pumpkin seeds, shiitake mushrooms and turmeric tofu. Craft kombucha from local purveyor Lady Buddha is also available.

plant-based dishes
Elemen Classic’s kale tofu with wild rice

2. Elemen Classic, Singapore

At this new upscale restaurant, they serve a creative menu of vegetable-based dishes made with elevated ingredients like truffle oil and quinoa. Modern meatless twists bring a new flavour to traditional dishes such as double-boiled cordyceps flower with peach gum in superior soup; and kale tofu served with wild rice.

plant-based cuisines in Asia
Thai Freedom House is a social enterprise focused on helping those in need

3. Free Bird Café, Chiang Mai

This social enterprise café supports the Thai Freedom House learning centre, which provides education to over 60 beneficiaries on site, mostly Burmese refugees, as well as hundreds through related off-site programmes. On the menu are vegan renditions of classic Burmese dishes such as yellow Shan noodles and tea leaf salad. There are also Western breakfasts, drinks and desserts, such as raw brownies and a creamy matcha, cacao and peppermint essential oil drink.

plant-based dishes in Asia
Glo-Bowls wraps and more at Nourish

4. Nourish, Yangon

Yogis will love this casual eatery, which reopened this summer at Yangon Yoga House, and offers Burmese, Mediterranean and other international meatless dishes, such as pitas and wraps. Popular plates include the Nourish salad with quinoa, corn, beets and roasted veggies as well as the deconstructed carrot cake. Protein bliss balls are available in flavours such as Nutty 4 Nuts and Rum Raisin.

The revival of a 300-year-old cuisine

Plant-based dishes in Asia
Enjoy an indigenous experience of royal vegetarian cuisine at Royal Vega

Sheherwali is an ancient vegetarian cuisine that combines Rajasthani, Bengali and aristocratic Nawabi cooking styles while eliminating onion, ginger, garlic and root vegetables. Try Sheherwali food at the Royal Vega in Kolkata. Signature dishes include steamed spicy dumplings and samosas with a fresh water chestnut filling.

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