Friday, 27 December 2019

6 cool mail-order services to subscribe to

1. Scentbird

Their service allows you to pick from over 500 fragrances from big-name brands so you can test them out before committing to the expense of a full bottle.

boxwalla mail order
Receive a selection of great reads from Boxwalla’s Book Box

2. Boxwalla

Placing a focus on global literature, every two months you’ll be presented with two books from lesser-known authors who deserve their own moment in the literary spotlight. Boxes usually follow a theme or focus on a particular continent.

3. Rent The Runway

Keep your wardrobe constantly updated without the hassle of clutter. With an unlimited plan, you can rent new season designer styles for women and swap them out whenever your heart pleases.

Matter mail order
Each box from MATTER contains a carefully selected artefact, object, specimen or material


Stimulate your mind with this “part museum, part lab project”. Each month, you receive scientific artefacts ranging from fossils and rare minerals to laboratory-grade tools and objects from outer space.

Vinebox mail order
Vinebox’s 12 Nights series include a Naughty and Nice selection

5. Vinebox

Catering to those who love their artisanal wine, you get a quarterly selection of nine 100ml wine samples from hard-to-find labels that eschew mass production. The glass-sized portions are packaged using high-tech methods to ensure longevity.

6. Bag Borrow Or Steal

Get your hands on bags from luxury brands without having to commit to the full price, and sport a new look each month.

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