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By the numbers: Thailand’s Ang Thong Marine National Park

Ang Thong Marine National Park
The clear blue water and underwater caves are what make Ang Thong Marine National Park worth visiting. Photo credit: Huw Penson/


Number of islets that make up the archipelago, each with soaring limestone mountains, verdant jungles and white-sand beaches. Among these is Koh Mae Ko, famed for the inland saltwater lagoon called Emerald Lake.


Number of bird species within the park, including the Pacific reef heron and the white-bellied sea eagle. The park’s waters are also teeming with wildlife, such as hairy-nosed otters, sea turtles and a colourful array of fish.


Distance from Koh Samui, which can be covered via a one-hour speedboat ride, with day trip itineraries offered by various tour operators.

Nature’s Playground

Other new ASEAN Heritage Parks to visit

Lo Go-Xa Mat National Park
Lo Go-Xa Mat National Park is an ideal place for those seeking adventure. Photo credit: Joel Whalton/


The approximate area of the Lo Go-Xa Mat National Park in Vietnam’s Tay Ninh province, making it the single largest forested area in the region.


Length of coastline at Hat Chao Mai National Park in Thailand, which includes islands such as Koh Muk and Koh Kradan. It is also home to the endangered dugong.

Indochinese tiger
Indochinese tiger relaxing on the grass. Photo credit: tomava/shutterstock


Total number of ASEAN Heritage Parks in Myanmar after the addition of the Htamanthi Wildlife Sanctuary, which joins other protected venues such as the Alaungdaw Kathapa National Park and the Lampi Kyun Wildlife Reserve.

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