Monday, 30 December 2019

Going local, for the locals

Travelling in a responsible way doesn’t need to be difficult; simply being careful about where you spend your money makes all the difference in the world. Choosing accommodation, guides, tours and souvenirs that are sustainable for the local community may require more research and forward planning, but you’ll be helping your hosts while having a truly priceless travel experience for yourself.

Tourism accounts for about one in ten jobs globally and, according to the World Travel and Tourism Council, can disproportionately benefit those less well-off in society. With those powerful statistics in mind, there are many ways to ensure you make a positive contribution while immersing yourself in local culture and making incredible memories.

Opting for homestays over hotels puts money directly into the pocket of the community. And if you’re concerned about overtourism, organisations such as (operating in Europe) will help ensure your holiday rental has a positive influence. If you need someone to show you around, choose a guide who lives in the area for unbeatable local expertise.

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