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Here’s where you can try a different take on mapo tofu

Mapo tofu
A typical mapo tofu dish is made up of tofu and minced pork cooked with chili bean paste, fermented black beans, chilli oil and Szechuan peppers. Photo credit: Paul_Brighton/

1. Mao Chow, London

The humble Sichuan dish, where tofu and minced meat – usually beef – are coated in a bright red spicy sauce, is getting a makeover. Many restaurants now favour pork, but you can also enjoy fiery new vegan iterations using soy protein, like those found at East London’s Mao Chow.

2. Ming Ting, Chengdu

At the other end of the spectrum, Ming Ting in Chengdu uses both pig’s brain and tofu together; the two having textural parallels.

3. Mr Wong, Sydney

In Sydney, chef Dan Hong of Mr Wong created his mapo egg tofu dish using egg custard, reminiscent of a Japanese chawanmushi. Diners get to spoon through the sauce to be surprised with a quivering egg – a reveal to remember. “I use unsweetened fresh soy milk, [instead of] water, to still get the tofu flavour,” says Hong.

4. Chen Mapo Doufu, Chengdu

For purists, Fuchsia Dunlop, author of The Food of Sichuan, suggests Chengdu’s Chen Mapo Doufu, the custodian of the original recipe. 

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