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5 artisanal cheeses you need to try across the SilkAir network

Artisanal cheese
A slice of cheese from Himalayan French Cheese

1. Himalayan French Cheese, Nepal

Started in 2007 by Frenchman François Driard, this cheese producer offers about 30 varieties, all made with pasteurised milk and vegetarian rennet. In addition to French-style cow cheeses, it also produces yak cheese. The terroir of wild grass and flowers between 3,000–5,000m above sea level in the mountains of Ramechhap district has generated delights such as yak cheddar and the semi-soft yak tomme.
Must-try: Yak blue, an award-winning cheese that debuted in June 2019, and Old Sherpa, a hard, nutty cheese made with full-cream yak milk.

Artisanal cheese
A cheese-making machine at Malagos Farmhouse

2. Malagos Farmhouse, Davao

Olive Puentespina’s enterprise makes cheeses with milk from regional farmers and its own dairy farm. Many offerings star local flavourings such as the Mango Sublime and pineapple ricotta, made with fruits, herbs and spices grown on the farm.
Must-try: Rosita, made from cow’s milk and aged for three months, is aromatic and nutty, while the goat-milk Capriccio is aged in dark beer.

Artisanal cheese
Handmade Cheesy Goat Grissini Crunchy Breadsticks

3. Rosalie Cheese, Bali

“I saw an increasing demand for natural cheese in Indonesia, but a limited supply of local products,” says founder Ayu Linggih. Here, employees are local women trained to become professional cheesemakers, creating products with local riffs.
Must-try: The Black & White is a cow-milk cheese coated with an activated charcoal made from coconut shells.

Artisanal cheese
Truffi Cheez is a cashew-based truffle and mushroom cheese alternative.

4. Kroodi, Singapore

Touting itself as the first plant-based artisan cashew cheese in the Lion City, Kroodi’s completely vegan selection is made with cashews and prepared at low temperatures to retain nutritional content. It offers three regular cheeses and seasonal selections.
Must-try: Truffi exudes the intense aroma of truffles. Basilicato has a crunchy bite and a light basil flavour.

Artisanal cheese
Display of Begum Victoria’s newest cheeses

5. Begum Victoria, Bangalore

Bangalore is a city conducive to cheesemaking since it sits almost 1,000m above sea level and has a cool climate. All cheeses are made with responsibly sourced milk and include buttery bel paese, tangy feta and nutty manchego.
Must-try: The soft, rich double-cream brie with a white velvety rind, as well as the truffle-infused variation, are hugely popular.
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