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6 travel hacks you need to know for your next trip

Travel tips

1. Choose a good hotel

Stephanie Chai, founder of villa booking site The Luxe Nomad:

“When deciding where to stay, factors to consider include location, design and brand name – today, many time-pressed consumers cannot afford extensive research, so it’s often easier to go with a brand you trust. Reviews, especially from curated sources like speciality booking sites and travel magazines, are good as well. If a property has no reviews and does not have a reputable management company, watch out! Some places look great in photos, but may not be well-maintained when you arrive.”

2. Get the best travel deals

Lavinia Rajaram, APAC Head of Communications at Brand Expedia:

“As a general rule, booking your flights far in advance results in the best prices. According to the 2019 Air Travel Outlook Report, the best time to book flights in Economy or Premium Economy is at least three weeks ahead of travel; for people booking from Singapore, the best day to book is Sunday (for flights departing on a Friday). For accommodation, travellers can generally find the lowest average daily rates if they book on a Friday, with the highest rates on Sunday.”

Travel tips
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3. Travel sustainably

Misty Foster, founder of sustainable travel site Green Suitcase Travel:

“Packing reusable utensils, a water bottle and a bag can help cut down on plastic consumption. Travel by train over private car hire when you can – they are the most fuel-efficient choice for ground transportation and have the least carbon output.”

4. Engage responsibly with local communities

Byron Thomas, senior travel designer at Jacada Travel:

“There are several ways to engage with local communities in authentic, meaningful ways. Try to ensure the money you spend benefits the local economy – from trekking with local guides to staying in family- or community-owned accommodation. Responsible tourism is also about being curious while respecting cultures and traditions. Be respectful when you’re visiting landmarks like burial sites and monuments. Learning a few key phrases in the local language, taking the time to listen to stories and trying local cuisine – these can all help create great connections and memories that last a lifetime.”

Travel tips
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5. Take good travel photos

Jordan Lye, a Penang-based photographer who also runs photo tours:

“Side lighting (that falls on a subject at roughly 90 degrees to the camera) is most conducive for general landscape shots, as it accentuates the textures and colours of the scene. Sunrise and sunset are the best times to get snapping. Try including a human element in your photos, as this can help tell a story and give the viewer a sense of scale.”

Travel tips
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6. Seek out the best food

Willin Low, Singaporean chef and restaurateur:

“Personally, my philosophy is to eat how the locals eat – it’s always best to ask a local to take you around and show you the best foodie spots. While on the ground, I usually have a sense of whether the place is a tourist trap just by looking at its clientele. For instance, I would never eat at a Chinese restaurant where there are no Chinese customers!”

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