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Best cocktail and food pairing tips for a perfect meal

Cody Goldstein is a New York-based mixologist who has worked at spots such as Red Farm and The Fat Monk and now runs cocktail consulting company Muddling Memories. Here he shares his expert pairing suggestions.

Pairing drinks with meal
Shrimp cocktail and tomato sauce. Photo credit: Africa Studio/

1. Seafood lovers

You should pair your meal with a fino sherry or something with citrus and salt, such as a margarita. For sushi, try a cocktail that is neutral and light, such as a martini.

2. Spicy dishes

Spicy food such as curry goes well with daiquiris because citrus juice and sugar both help with heat.

Pairing drinks with meal
Baked chicken wings on a pan. Photo credit: Timolina/

3. Chicken and beef

When eating chicken, think “light and acidic” – something like an Aperol spritz. Those enjoying steak can try an Old Fashioned crafted with mezcal, as the smoky flavour of the Mexican spirit goes well with the char on the beef.

4. Gamey meats

To complement the “bold flavours” of gamier meats such as lamb and venison, Goldstein recommends ordering a drink with darker spirits such as the Sazerac, which contains absinthe.

Pairing drinks with meal
An egg pasta dish with fine white truffle grated on top. Photo credit: HQuality/

5. Mushrooms

Fans of truffle should drink gin-based cocktails such as the Tom Collins or the gimlet because the clear spirit doesn’t overpower the delicate flavour of the fungi.

6. Cheesy delights

For cheese-based pasta dishes such as cacio e pepe, more “booze-forward” drinks like the classic Manhattan will cut through the heaviness.

Pairing drinks with meal
A dessert platter with an assortment of cakes. Photo credit: Golubovy/

7. Sweets

Chocolate desserts go well with bubbles, so try the champagne-based cocktail French 75. With fruity desserts, try a drink topped with egg white foam, like a pisco sour, to add creaminess.

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