Thursday, 9 January 2020

In pics: A road trip through Ireland

There is nothing quite like a road trip to fuel the passion for the outdoors. The sense of freedom it offers can’t be had any other way. For many, some of their favourite personal stories are made of the travel adventures they had on the road.

One such journey for you can be a road trip in Ireland, all the way from the stunning North Sea coast of Northern Ireland (part of United Kingdom) to its capital, Belfast and finally into the Republic of Ireland and its iconic capital, Dublin. The route passes through great coasts, cattle farms, old castles, Irish distilleries & pubs and the M1 motorway between the two famous capitals.

The best part for Indians is that no extra visa is required for either country, as long as you have a valid UK travel visa with you. This is because Northern Ireland is a part of UK, just as Scotland & Wales are, and the Republic of Ireland has open borders with Northern Ireland. So you are actually free to roam wherever you want in all of Ireland without having to reach for your passport.

I went on this journey with my elder brother. We took a flight from London to Belfast (the budget airline, Easy Jet, flies this route regularly) and from Belfast Airport we hired a fancy BMW hatchback and were on our way. Surprisingly, the BMW’s rental cost was almost like that of a regular Ford or Honda hatchback, so it was an easy choice for us.

We started with a short tour of Belfast, the home of the Titanic.

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