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The best Singapore brands for avant-garde fashion

Kheng Hua says: “I always wear Singapore designers on the red carpet”

MEE (f+b) Stolen STB Discover Singapore fashion and retail
Founded in 2007 by Elyn Wong, Stolen is known for its backless looks and sophisticated silhouettes

“I dress casually in my everyday life but clean up well for formal events. To get ready for these, I take a collaborative approach – I have help from my glam squad, which includes labels like Stolen, accessories from theKANG and hair and makeup from Prep and Aiyi of Makeup Entourage. Even when I dress up, though, comfort is a top priority as these events can go on for a long time!

I always wear Singapore designers on the red carpet and the reactions are always amazing. People always comment on how great the outfit looks; it sparks their curiosity about Singapore brands.

The Singapore high-end design scene is becoming more prolific, fertile and invigorated, thanks to talented fashion designers who are challenging themselves to make clothes that not only make people look good, but are also infused with a Singaporean DNA. I won’t be surprised if more Singapore design stars soon become international fashion names.”

Ong Shunmugam STB Discover Singapore fashion and retail
Designer Priscilla Shunmugam usually has an unconventional take on traditional Asian garments

1. Ong Shunmugam

This label is best known for its avant-garde take on traditional Asian garments. For instance, designer Priscilla Ong Shunmugam might bring together batik and lace to create a peplum kebaya. You can also expect cheongsam-inspired crop tops in eye-catching prints.

2. Stolen

Inspired by architectural elements, Stolen’s designs blur the lines between art and fashion. The label brings together its design hallmark of an exposed back with a neutral colour palette, creating pieces that epitomise understated elegance. “Stolen is a label I wear often on the red carpet,” says Kheng Hua.

Max.tan STB Discover Singapore fashion and retail
Max.Tan’s aesthetic is androgynous, geometric and minimalistic


This year marks their 10th in the business – no small feat for any fashion label. Its aesthetic leans towards the androgynous, balancing out voluminous silhouettes with precise tailoring and intriguing details.

4. Carrie K

From quirky rings to intricate necklaces, pick up beautiful handmade pieces at this Singapore jewellery brand.

Modern spins: Two brands updating traditional dress for a contemporary age

Laichan STB Discover Singapore fashion and retail
Glamorous, unique cheongsams can be found at Laichan


Singaporean couturier Goh Lai Chan’s eponymous line has one-of-a-kind cheongsams with soft and flattering silhouettes.

Yeomama STB Discover Singapore fashion and retail
YeoMama’s pieces are colourful, bright and trendy

2. YeoMama Batik

The mother-and-daughter team behind YeoMama sources handmade batik from around Indonesia, creating maxi dresses, jumpsuits and cheongsams that have become popular among the younger set.

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