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By the numbers: The top towns to visit and why

These are the results of the Global Power City Index 2019, which ranks the attractiveness of cities around the world according to six factors: economy, research and development, cultural interaction, liveability, environment and accessibility.

Top Towns London
A panoramic view of the River Thames in London. Photo credit: Engel Ching/

1. London

Score: 1,669.1 (strengths: cultural interaction, accessibility)

2. New York

Score: 1,543.2 (strengths: economy, research and development)

Top Towns Tokyo
A view of Tokyo’s skyline. Photo credit: apiguide/

3. Tokyo

Score: 1,422.2 (strengths: economy, research and development)

4. Paris

Score: 1,387.7 (strengths: liveability, accessibility)

Top Towns Singapore
Singapore’s cityscape at dusk. Photo credit: MOLPIX/

5. Singapore

Score: 1,262.9 (strengths: economy, research and development)

Illustration by Giovanna Giuliano

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