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Cabin Crew: Creating connections

Nicolas Greguor Discover Singapore fashion and retail
Like the retail sector, SIA’s cabin crew offer attentive service with a touch of Asian hospitality, says Nicolas

Born to a Singaporean Mother and French father, cabin crew member Nicolas Greguor was born in Singapore, but grew up in Paris. He always had an eye for fashion, which made him an ideal candidate to participate in the Discover Singapore video promoting the local fashion and retail scene in Singapore.

“Paris is a global centre for fashion, which has its pros and cons,” explains the 28-year-old Singaporean of his time living in the French capital. “It meant your attire matters a lot more in that context than anywhere else in the world.”

Returning to complete his National Service, Nicolas has been back in Singapore for the past five years and has been flying with SQ for three years. One of the big draws working as a member of the SIA cabin crew is the chance to travel the world, and the job has since allowed him to visit various fashion cities such as New York, Milan and London. However, he feels his own personal style is much closer to home.

“Most Singaporean designs and labels are very classic, but they all have a unique Asian twist,” he explains. “I find it’s very similar to my take and preference towards fashion, which is why I am such a fan.”

His experience on the Discover Singapore journey with Beth, helping Kheng Hua find a red-carpet look, helped reinforce this appreciation of Singapore’s fashion scene.

“It is nice to see how these local designers chose to reflect their cultural roots with their designs,” he says of leading designers such as Klarra and Stolen whom he met during the journey. “They are looking to preserve the uniqueness of Singapore through their designs.”

It’s not just the cultural aspect of the local fashion and retail scene that makes Nicolas a fan of Singapore’s fashion and retail. He also feels that the level of sincere and attentive service you can expect to receive is something special.

“I think you can definitely draw parallels with our cabin crew and the SIA experience,” he continues. “We really offer Asian hospitality, we try to be warm and we seek to create a connection.”

“We always try to do something a bit personal,” he continues, “whether it’s singing for someone’s birthday or serving a special drink for a couple on their honeymoon.” These extra-mile engagements also include recommending places for the best shopping experiences to passengers. Aside from the malls and high-end boutiques that front Orchard Road, Nicolas always points visitors to an old-time favourite.

Nicolas Greguor Discover Singapore fashion and retail
Nicolas is a big fan of Singapore labels

“I love introducing passengers to Mustafa, I know it’s a popular tourist destination but they have so much to offer there,” he says. He also tells passengers to check out the local offerings on KrisShop.

“There are lots of great brands, such as the kebaya-inspired jewellery of EDEN + ELIE. It makes  a great gift and it is exclusive to KrisShop,” he says. He was also quick to highlight the “We Love SG” line, which features a collection of carefully curated homegrown brands that showcase Singapore’s unique heritage; including a wide range of Singaporean snacks and food souvenirs, which he says make fantastic gifts for friends and family overseas, particularly his mum.

“Though she’s Singaporean, she lives in Paris and like most Singaporeans away from home, she deeply craves the flavour of home,” he says. “I always bring her snacks like salted-egg- or laksa-flavoured crisps.”

Like Beth, Nicolas’ time with Kheng Hua also reinforced his understanding of the importance of  knowing what works for him and what doesn’t. Beyond being presentable, grooming has a big impact on how cabin crew feel about themselves. “Developing and possessing a good sense of style not only maintains a smart and professional front to my passengers, it also allows me to project myself confidently on board,” he says.

Click here to watch the video which follows Kheng Hua, Beth and Nicolas as they explore Singapore’s vibrant fashion and retail scene.

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