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Cabin crew: Reeling in style

Beth Soh Discover Singapore fashion and retail
Beth loves the opportunity to visit different countries and meet new people

Growing up, cabin crew member Beth Soh always dreamed of being a Singapore Girl. She has been living out that dream by working with Singapore Airlines (SIA) for the past 10 years.

“I just love to fly and the opportunity to visit different countries,” explains the 33-year-old of her job as a flight stewardess. “I love the fact that you meet different people and have different experiences on every flight.”

Beth’s love of new experiences meant she jumped at the opportunity to explore Singapore’s thriving fashion and retail scene in her Discover Singapore journey. The bonus from this experience – a chance to meet and style actor Tan Kheng Hua with the perfect outfit for her next big event.

“Kheng Hua is a very stylish and confident woman; very natural,” Beth says. “It’s great that she really supports our local Singaporean brands and wears them to red-carpet occasions.”

For Beth, visiting the different local designers with Kheng Hua exposed her to the boundless creativity and skilfulness of this community of talented individuals. Seeing their thoughtful and intricate collections expanded her understanding of what the Singapore’s fashion scene has to offer.

Beth Soh Discover Singapore fashion and retail
Beth’s experience in Discover Singapore exposed her to the creativity of talented local designers

“Take a brand like Reckless Ericka, it’s simple yet fun and funky – the little touches really contemporises an otherwise conventional outfit and helps add a fun and youthful element to their pieces,” she says. “It distinguishes their creation from the rest.”

Beth feels that the famous kebaya worn by SIA’s female cabin crew is equally distinctive. “Because of the batik print, the kebaya is really a representation of unique local culture and fashion,” she explains. “I feel proud wearing it; it makes me feel like I am an ambassador for Singapore. It attracts attention and has people asking questions.”

Beth Soh Nicolas Greguor Discover Singapore fashion and retail
Beth and fellow cabin crew Nicolas Greguor

When it comes to making fashion-related recommendations for her passengers, Beth is quick to mention TheKANG for their quirky and sustainable accessories, as well as high-end fashion label Stolen for their “simple yet elegant designs”. She is also quick to point out its beautiful shopfront housed within the heritage property of private members’ club Straits Clan.

“I’d also recommend Design Orchard,” she adds. “It’s so convenient because it’s a one-stop shop and carries a huge range of Singaporean brands, from apparel and accessories to home d├ęcor and food.”

On board, Beth also recommends that passengers check out KrisShop for their range of Singaporean labels and products. In particular, she highlights scarf brand Binary Style. “Their designs are inspired by Singaporean elements like nature, heritage and urban scenes,” she enthuses. “Therefore, each scarf will have a story to tell.”

Click here to watch the video which follows Kheng Hua, Beth and Nicolas as they explore Singapore’s vibrant fashion and retail scene.

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