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Caffeine high: 3 places to get your coffee fix with a boozy twist

Mixologists are waking up to the use of coffee as more than a morning pick-me-up. It’s now become an increasingly popular ingredient for cocktails.

spirit-induced coffees
The Singleton Hot Spice. Photo credit: Ruzaan Schlechter

1. Cause|Effect Cocktail Kitchen & Cape Brandy Bar

Cause|Effect Cocktail Kitchen & Cape Brandy Bar in Capetown is where you’ll find the Singleton Hot Spice. A single-origin Ethiopian coffee blend is boiled through a siphon with 12-year Singleton whisky, red vermouth, jasmine tea and aromatics such as star anise and orange peel to produce this heady concoction.  

spirit-induced coffees
A drink from GupShup

2. GupShup

Mikey Belasco, beverage director at New York’s GupShup, opts for coffee-infused spirits instead. “I always love espresso,  or infused spirits,  that add depth and rich notes. You can also use the fruit of the bean to make syrups and juice infusions,” he saidFor example, Belasco’s creation My Friend Baloo is crafted with espresso cognac, bourbon, vermouth and more.  

3. Mutual Bar

The trend has arrived in Southeast Asia, tooMutual Bar in Bangkok does a Vivid Midnight cocktail that mixes brandy, Thai-style espresso coffee, orgeat syrup, lemon juice and stout beer to produce a heady kick.

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