Friday, 27 March 2020

How to follow a healthy routine while at home

We all have a routine to follow, and now that home is your everything for a while, why not practice a new routine to keep your good and healthy habits going. A few tips below may help create a new daily routine so you remain active and positive.

Eat balanced meals

It is important to keep a check on your eating habits now, more than ever, because there is minimum activity taking place. Make sure your meals are balanced and healthy; include salads, fibre, protein and nuts. Superfoods like berries, yogurt and green vegetables can be made an essential part of the meals. Avoid stress eating!


Yes, the parks and gyms have been shut, but exercising isn’t dependent on them! Take an early morning yoga session, or follow a 10-minute stretching in the lobby every few hours, take up online zumba or aerobics, or even dance classes, for that matter. Exercising is an essential part of the routine for now, to keep the body active and fit.

Maintain hobbies

Now is the time! Make use of these days to explore your hobbies and indulge in them. Be it reading, writing, painting, music, knitting or anything else, avail these days when you are at home, to bring out your creative side.

Learn to meditate

Meditation connects you with your inner self. With peace outside, it’ll be easier to find peace within. Find a corner of your home, put on an online tutorial and connect with yourself. You may be surprised how it refreshes the soul.

Take small breaks from work

Sitting in front of that laptop all day can make you lethargic and your eye-sight (probably) weaker. Keep taking short breaks in the form of walks to the balcony.

Drink more water

Drinking water is something we do not remember as a part of our routine. Make sure you keep a water bottle with you always, and every time your eyes fall on it, take a sip. This way, your water intake will be adequate.

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