Saturday, 4 April 2020

15 activities to engage in while at home

Staying home may not ignite any excitement in your minds as yet, but we have some fun activities that you can engage in. Turn this stay-at-home period into a fruitful one by taking up these interesting activities that will keep you busy and test your creativity as well.

1. Try a new recipe

Try your skills in the kitchen with a new recipe for any dish you may be craving to eat at the restaurant.

2. Start a garden

Plants are good friends, and now is the time to have many at home itself. Start a garden at the terrace, balcony, backyard or anywhere there’s space.

3. Play a board game

Since the time we all went digital, board games have become a thing of the past. Relive the childhood days and play some board games with your family.

4. Make homemade greeting cards

Holiday season will soon come, be prepared for it much in advance! Make greeting cards for your loved ones to tell them how much they are adored.

5. Knit or crochet a scarf

via Lonely Planet India

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