Wednesday, 29 April 2020

Five dances from around the world to try at home

One thing world cultures have in common is an appreciation of dance. Although it may fill a few of us with sheer terror, learning how to dance is also a way to explore different cultures around the world. Here are five dances from around the world to try at home.


Bhangra is a high-intensity dance that traces its origins back to late 19th-century Punjab, India. The traditional folk dance was done to celebrate the harvest. Over the years, the dance has grown in popularity and has been featured in countless Bollywood a few Hollywood movies. Nowadays, Bhangra is usually grooved to over loud upbeat tunes, some featuring traditional instruments like the dhol drum and tumbi. Get a serious workout while learning the most basic steps. For those looking to really delve into the dance, Learn Bhangra offers a host of online classes.


via Lonely Planet India

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