Thursday, 16 April 2020

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Holi Kolkata

The March issue of Silkwinds magazine is packed with #traveltomorrow inspiration, from wellness training to eco-conservation and a heavy dose of tradition.

Aspiring athletes, take note. On the Thai island of Phuket, luxury resorts are rolling out exciting new wellness programmes, each more comprehensive than the next. Whether you’re looking to train for your first triathlon or are desperate for a digital detox, there’s something for everyone.

From there, sustainable-travel enthusiasts can start planning an immersive journey around Sri Lanka – one that starts near the coast, moves through the central plains and finally winds up into the hills. This story is a fascinating insight into how local hoteliers are using eco-tourism to preserve the country’s rich bio-diversity and protect vulnerable communities.

Last but not least, transport yourself into the heart of Kolkata with this vivid photo essay depicting the joy and vibrance of Holi, a traditional festival that marks the start of spring in India.

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