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Measures to safeguard Singapore Airlines’ customers and crew

Singapore Airlines plane covid advisoryCabin environment and aircraft cleaning

All our aircraft are equipped with High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters, which are effective at filtering more than 99.9% of airborne microbes and have a similar performance to those used in hospital operating rooms. Cabin air circulation is continuous and the air is refreshed every two–three minutes (or 20–30 times hourly). This provides passengers with a safer and more comfortable environment.

Prior to departure, all our aircraft are thoroughly cleaned. Surfaces including windows, tray tables, handsets and inflight entertainment screens, as well as common areas such as lavatories and galleys, are wiped with a strong disinfectant. Furthermore, headsets, headrest covers, pillow covers, bedsheets and blankets are also changed after every flight sector.

Should there be a confirmed COVID-19 case on a flight, the aircraft will undergo a more rigorous deep-cleaning procedure that takes five times longer than the regular process. As part of this enhanced process, the aircraft cabins are also fogged with a disinfectant as an additional precautionary measure.

Maintaining the wellbeing of our cabin crew and pilots

Our cabin crew and pilots know   that they should see a doctor immediately if they feel unwell     and should not report for work. Additionally, temperature screening is carried out for all our cabin crew    and pilots prior to all flights.

To minimise the risk to customers and staff, all cabin crew are required to wear masks on board and are further provided with gloves. For more information, please visit here.

You can do your part to ensure your personal wellbeing

In order to protect yourself, it’s vital to stay well-informed on precautionary measures against the COVID-19 virus. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), these are some steps you can easily follow to help safeguard your health.

Singapore Airlines covid advisoryWHO also advises being wary of misinformation surrounding the virus. There have been claims that the virus is less infectious in cold climates or that taking a hot bath could help kill it. These are generally untrue. To view accurate and up-to-date information, visit WHO’s advice for public

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