Monday, 6 April 2020

Online games to play with your group while at home

Staying home doesn’t mean you cannot remain connected with your friends! While the phone and video calls are a great way to be in touch but why not take it to another level. Challenge your friends to these online games and see who excels in which one! All of these games are free to play on mobile.

PUBG: This game is quite popular among those who like action, as it requires strategy building to win battles. There is an in-built chat feature to be able to chat with the fellow players.

Clash of Clans: This too is an action-oriented game where players get together, build their villages and clans, and then train for battles to defend it.

Ludo King: The good game of Ludo has a digital version where 2-4 players can be allowed at one time. The chat feature allows players to text each other too.

Uno: The card game of Uno has also become digital. The rules remain the same as the physical game. There are tournaments and several other modes to choose from.

Fortnite: This is an epic family-friendly shooter with daily active challenges to overcome.

Call of Duty: Again, an action-packed game, Call of Duty is popular among action lovers. There are battles to combat and challenges to overcome.

Carrom Pool: This game will take you back to your childhood as it is the digital version of the very carrom board we used to play at home. We all know the rules here!

Word with Friends 2: This is a game along with a brain teaser. Challenge your friends to juggle the issued letters and make as many words of it as possible; the one with the most words wins.

Monopoly: We have all played this board game with friends and family, now play the online version. The rules remain the same, just be a good monopolist!

via Lonely Planet India

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