Thursday, 16 April 2020

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Busan feature

February’s cover story explores the simple, visceral pleasure of wild swimming in the United Kingdom. Swimming in a wild body of water, particularly a chilly one, gives you an instant, real connection to the landscape, forcing you to slow down and contemplate your surroundings. Our writers embraces that connection with the here and now as she tackles a wintry pond in London’s Hampstead Heath. As well as surviving the cold, she discovers the physical and mental benefits of wild swimming and why it has become an increasingly popular pastime in the UK.

But connections don’t always have to be about the present. Our second story is very much about connecting with the past, through the traditional Korean drink of makgeolli. Follow our writer as he treks through beautiful forest (pictured above) to a mountain village that is inexorably linked to the rice wine. There, he discovers the drink’s evolution from peasant drink to bootleg brew to current tipple of choice in the hipster spots of Busan and beyond.

Finally, we look to the future with a story on the opening of a new modern art museum in Colombo. A first for Sri Lanka, the project has worthy ambitions to break down political stigmas and help connect the public with the work of the country’s exciting collection of contemporary artists.

We hope this issue helps you make a connection, be it with the past, present or the future.

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