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The best Lonely Planet Spotify playlists for travellers pining for the road

Music has the power to transport us to faraway places – which can be handy when you’re quarantined in your dining room.

If you’re unable to hit the road, pop on one of these Lonely Planet Spotify playlists, close your eyes, and be immediately transported to one of these 10 cities from around the world. Each mix contains songs that evoke the sounds and rhythms of the destination, by bands and artists from – or strongly associated with – each place. It’s an audible adventure, if you will; all you have to do is pick where you want to go.

1. London, England

The English capital is a global music melting pot that churns out hit after worldwide hit without breaking a sweat – here’s our ultimate London soundtrack, featuring artists like Sampha, The Kinks and Amy Winehouse.

2. New York City, USA

The hometown of some of the planet’s biggest artists, New York is hard to beat in musical terms. Here’s NYC at its grunge, hip hop, genre-defining best, featuring artists like A Tribe Called Quest, Blondie and Talking Heads.

3. Kingston, Jamaica

World famous for its reggae and dancehall output, Kingston is king of chilled vibes, infectious riddums and effortless cool – here are some of its best. Featured artists include Bob Marley, Sean Paul and Shabba Ranks.

4. Berlin, Germany

A city with a worldwide rep for cutting edge, experimental culture, Berlin’s music scene is every bit as quirky and boundary-pushing as you’d expect – strap in. Artists in this playlist include Rammstein, Markus Schulz and Alec Empire.

5. Havana, Cuba

A collection of hip-swinging, sizzling beats from Havana, Cuba’s capital of cool. This playlist will have you reaching for your dancing shoes and Havana good time before you know it. Featured artists include Joe Cuba, Buena Vista Social Club and La Lupe.

6. Paris, France

A heaving hub of musical innovation, Paris has a lot to offer a keen ear. From underground electro to folksy ditties, here’s how the Parisians get down. Artists featured in this playlist include Jain, Daft Punk and Edith Piaf.

7. Melbourne, Australia

Edgy, alternative and effortlessly cool, Melbourne has a music scene to match. Here’s our pick of the best tunes the city has to offer, featuring artists such as The Avalanches, Sweet Jean and Kylie Minogue.

8. Manchester, England

Manchester is a real dynamo of British culture. Here are our top tunes that celebrate the UK’s original northern powerhouse, with songs by artists such as Joy Division, Oasis and Little Sparrow.

9. Mexico City, Mexico

From the swing of conjunto to laidback Mexican ska, soulful ballads to experimental electro, here’s a selection of Latin rhythms from Mexico City, featuring artists such as Santana, Aida Cuevas and Christian Castro.

10. Los Angeles, USA

From downtown vibes to beachside beats, here’s the best tunes straight from LA, the heart of SoCal. This playlist features artists including Beck, Frank Ocean and HAIM.


Not sure where you want to go? We have a range of playlists that are non-destination specific, perfect if you want to pretend you’re lazing on a beach, deep in the jungle, sitting around a campfire or even spending a late night at the airport – it’s strange the things we miss…

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