Friday, 17 April 2020

Travel gadgets useful for every traveller

Travel may soon reopen globally and it’s good to utilise this time to prepare well.

As part of the research we asked a host of experts to recommend their essential bits of kit they couldn’t travel without. Some things came up again and again…

-Tablet + USB keyboard = a computer that can be carried lightly and used anywhere.

-World plug adaptor with multiple USB ports – the power junkie’s dream come true. In seconds, every drained gizmo can be recharged.

-A portable hard drive to back up your photos and videos will take up next to no space and offer an alternative to uploading to the cloud if you’re low on memory or away from a fast wifi connection.

-Noise-cancelling headphones – perfect for those noisy bus journeys and for any on-the-road video editing or writing undisturbed. A headphone splitter offers you and a friend the chance to watch the same films together on long journeys.

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-A smart or sports watch can track your distance, location and even provide weather and other alerts, which can be fantastic if you’re trekking or cycling long distances.

-A portable power source, to make your equipment batteries go further. The technology driving these chargers continues to develop quickly. Solar-powered models offer an obvious benefit if going to more remote locations.

-Unlocked smartphone. Having a local SIM card can make your life on the road a lot easier, while providing an extra degree of connectivity and safety. But you can’t use one, or do much with it, unless you have an unlocked smartphone.

-Similarly, if you use your phone a lot – and, really, who doesn’t – a phone case that contains an additional charging unit will give you some peace of mind that you won’t be left drained of power.

-Travel hair-dryer and iron – small, folding, light, and the best ones offer a variety of voltage. Fewer and fewer hotels and even fewer homestays offer an iron as standard, so if you need to be crease-free, bringing your own is the only fool proof option.

-Compact travel binoculars. Not sure if you need them? Try them on your next trip, and see how popular you become as well as how much interesting stuff you spot.

-Rechargeable head torch. An unbeatable camping accessory that will make life better on any expedition, or even in a pitch-black hostel dorm.

-Something to stand your camera or phone up while you take a steadier shot, like the Gorilla Pod

-Travel scales- Avoid airport repacking scrambles and excess baggage charges by knowing exactly how much your bag weighs before you check it in.

TOP TIP: Make sure your travel insurance contains dedicated gadget cover if you’re going on the road with any serious hardware – and check the excess on any claims for loss or theft. It also goes without saying that you should use hotel room safes to secure valuables.

This excerpt has been taken from Lonely Planet’s Best Ever Travel Tips.

via Lonely Planet India

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