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3 edible flowers to add in your food

hibiscus edible flowers
Hibiscus flowers can be used to make tea, sauces and jams. Photo credit: JoanneStrell/

1. Hibiscus

Native to many countries, such as India and Hawaii, the trumpet-shaped hibiscus can be any colour from orange to white and can taste tart and tangy, yet sweet. Try the spot prawns with a hibiscus harissa at Il Fiorista in New York.

Fun fact: There are 679 species in the world.

Violet edible flowers
Viola cornuta, an edible flower used in salads. Photo credit: Roman Yanushevsky/

2. Violet

Mostly found in temperate countries in the Northern Hemisphere, it has purple petals with heart-shaped leaves. At Top Paddock in Melbourne, the ricotta hotcake comes with edible flowers, including violets.

Fun fact: The ancient Greeks used violets to sweeten their wine.

chrysanthemum edible flowers
Chrysanthemum is often used in tea or sprinkled over soups and salads. Photo credit: mimi-TOKYO/

3. Chrysanthemum

Yellow to red in colour, they are native to northeastern Europe and Asia. Sample their distinctly herbal undertone in the white chrysanthemum gelato served at Singapore’s Birds of Paradise.

Fun fact: The Chinese utilise them as a natural remedy for inflammation.

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