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5 high tech gizmos that make globetrotting a lot easier

Joovv Mini high tech travel essentials
Joovv Mini is an effective medical-grade light therapy device

1. Joovv Mini

Just because you’re travelling doesn’t mean your wellbeing has to take a hit. The Joovv Mini with both Red Light (650nm) and Near-Infrared Light (850nm) wavelengths makes winding down with your very own photobiomodulation (PBM) therapy session a reality – even when you’re travelling for work. Given FDA clearance, the medical-grade device works by penetrating the skin to give the mitochondria a boost, enabling one’s cells to repair damage and function more efficiently. In layman’s terms, it can treat superficial tissues (think reducing wrinkles and arthritis pain) and because of the Near-Infrared rays, it penetrates deeper into the tissues, ideal for alleviating joint and muscle pain.

Does it work? All you need is 10 to 20 minutes a day. After using the Joovv Mini every other day for two weeks, there was a definite improvement to an age spot, and a reduction in lower back pain. While the device weighs 3.6kg – it comes with a door mount kit (or a stand for an additional cost) so you can ideally position it six inches from the treatment area. For the time-crunched individual, use the Joovv Mini while you meditate, or switch it on as you catch up on a podcast.

2. Smart Nora

Poor sleep is never a good thing at any age. If you snore, the disruption means you get even less deep and REM sleep, the quality rest needed to mentally and physically recover. While nose strips and mouth guards help, results vary, and it can be embarrassing to use in the presence of others. For a virtually undetectable solution, slip Smart Nora’s inflatable insert under any queen-size pillow (50cm x 76cm). Accompanied by a Bluetooth-enabled, simply turn on the pebble-shaped device, select the degree of sensitivity, and the attached insert will gently inflate and deflate, moving your head’s position to stop or reduce the snoring.

Does it work? Like a charm, and right from night one. As the movements are gentle, light sleepers won’t be woken up during the night. While you’ll have to set aside luggage space to accommodate the portable case (less than 2kg) it comes in, the space taken will ensure you sleep as well on the road as you do at home.

3. Hypersphere Mini

Frequent business travel and the body aches that accompany red-eye flights can deter even the most dedicated gym rat. To shake it off, keep the Hypersphere Mini handy. A 10-watt powered massage therapy ball with three vibration settings, this portable device uses percussive therapy to work through the most stubborn knots. Similar to but less painful than a myofascial massage, position the palm-sized device to loosen tight muscles and tendons, gradually “shocking” the muscle fibres till the problem area is penetrated, leaving you feeling more limber – hopefully before your return flight home.

Does it work? The beauty of the Hypersphere Mini is that you can position it specifically over problematic areas. For anyone with chronic pain, this device’s rapid bursts of pressure work like a charm to reduce any aches and pains in less than 10 minutes. Plus, the fact that it’s TSA-approved and weighs less than 500g makes it a no-brainer to tote about on the go. At full charge, it works for two hours.

Nima Gluten Sensor high tech travel essentials
Identify the presence of gluten in your food within minutes

4. Nima Gluten Sensor

Allergies are no joke, and if you can’t communicate in the local language that you need your meal to be gluten-free, enlist the help of the Nima Gluten Sensor. Using an antibody-based chemistry to test if your meal falls within the FDA range (20 ppm) for gluten-free food, simply dispense a pea-sized sample of the food into the single-use capsule, insert it into the Nima, press the button, wait up to five minutes and hope to get a smiley face, which means no gluten present.

Does it work? The pyramid-shaped Nima does have some limitations. For instance, it can’t detect gluten in fermented food or wine, and you will have to get the portion size right. But by and large, its portability and ease of use makes this a lifesaver for anyone diagnosed with Celiac disease or looking to eliminate gluten from their diet. It also has an accompanying app which holds crowd-sourced information on businesses and food products that are gluten-free, so you won’t waste a capsule.

5. Rest+

Acclimatising to a different time zone is hard enough for adults, much less a child. Wind down the bub with Rest+, a WiFi- and Alexa-enabled sleep device with snooze-inducing sounds (white noise, birds chirping, ocean waves and more), a changeable night light, programmable alarm settings and a two-way audio capability so you can verbally check in on your child without leaving your bed. Equipped with a nifty Time to Rise function you can set (colour, sound, intensity) to signal when it’s time to nap, when to wake up and when it’s beddy-byes for the night. While it won’t magically alter your kid’s circadian rhythm, it will impart a comforting sense of home and ease the pain of communicating that it is time to hit the sack.

Does it work? Depending on the age and comprehension capability of your child, the Time to Rise function delivers varying degrees of success. Overall, the soothing library of sounds helps to facilitate a smoother bedtime routine. Also, if you’re stuck in a hotel room next to a highway, the Rest+ should drown out the traffic noise.

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