Wednesday, 27 May 2020

9 ways hotel stays will change after COVID-19

As the world slowly opens up again in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, our hotel stays are set to be organised differently. Some beloved practices have to be shelved – goodbye buffet breakfasts – and new protocols introduced to ensure that travellers and staff feel safe and protected. Here are some of the ways in which hotel stays will adapt from now on.


Travellers have always rated hotel cleanliness highly, but will be hyper-conscious and vigilant around it going forward. Hotels will need to demonstrate that they have implemented enhanced health and safety protocols for cleaning guest rooms, meeting spaces and common spaces in their properties, as well as back-of-house areas. It is expected that auditing initiatives will ultimately be implemented to measure hotel compliance with a stated criteria for cleanliness.

“Travellers are yearning for enhanced transparency around cleaning, hygiene and sanitisation measures at a property,” says Pepijn Rijvers, senior vice president of accommodation at “It will be key for accommodation providers to openly display this information to help set accurate expectations and bring travellers additional reassurance as they search, book and begin to experience the world once again.”

Another protocol will be the deep-cleaning of bedrooms and bathrooms after guests check out. There will also be extra disinfection of the most frequently touched guests room areas, including light switches, door handles, TV remotes and thermostats.

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Who doesn’t love starting the day off with a plate of muesli, scrambled eggs, sliced cheeses and meats, toast, strawberry yoghurt and a pain au chocolat? Alas, while we all adore the breakfast buffet, it may become a thing of the past. The problem is that social distancing will be impossible to maintain as we all crowd around various food and beverage stations, and the communal handling of jugs and tongs is just too risky going forward. It looks like individually plated and served meals will become the norm, or “grab-and-go” options.

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