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My best shot: Coles Bay, Tasmania

Coles Bay, Tasmania

Melbourne-based Lauren Bamford is an extremely versatile photographer who has worked on projects covering everything from food to fashion.

As well as having her work appearing in numerous exhibitions, she has contributed images to international titles such as the Wall Street Journal, the Guardian and Condé Nast. Lauren has worked on a number of projects for SilverKris, providing the captivating photos used in our feature on urban beekeeping in Brisbane and a neighbourhood story on Canberra. Her selected image is a stunning shot taken while on assignment in the Freycinet Peninsula in Tasmania.

What do you love about this particular image?

The manmade versus nature aspect of it. The time of day. And the dramatic welcome to the Freycinet Peninsula.

What does the photograph capture?

The road into Coles Bay, Tasmania. A remote and beautiful part of the world. Out of seemingly nowhere, the Hazards (the mountain range) appear before your eyes. It’s very striking.

What did you have to do to get this specific shot?

I had driven in and out a few times, at different times of day (as one is wont to do when shooting a travel assignment). This vista had struck me each and every time. It was just one afternoon in particular when I was driving out, I looked in my rear-view mirror and saw the warm light and long shadows. I had to pull over. I basically had to lie on the asphalt of the road and wait for there to be no cars to get this angle.

What was the most memorable moment of the assignment?

Every moment was memorable, as every inch of this area is stunning. However, a true highlight was at Saffire, a luxury hotel in Freycinet. I was shooting some dishes and the chef at their restaurant, Palate. This is an extremely exclusive and high-end dining experience, only available to guests of the lodge. However, I was encouraged to sit and enjoy the meals I had photographed. I sat alone in the empty restaurant, sipping wine, looking out to the dramatic mountain range and eating some of the finest food Australia has to offer. A fantastic perk of the job.

What was the biggest challenge you faced?

One of the most famous landmarks of the area is Wineglass Bay. It’s a tough walk uphill to the vantage point needed for a photograph, but I was lucky enough to be scheduled to catch a chartered flight over Wineglass on my final morning – so I was waiting to shoot then. However, the afternoon before, I was informed that the planes were grounded due to high winds. No problem, I thought, I’ll just have to do the big walk the next morning! Unfortunately, it also coincided with terrible bushfires in Tasmania. Later that night, they announced state-wide closures of all national parks, therefore giving me no access to the track in order to get the shot. So, in short, I shot a travel feature on the Freycinet Peninsula without capturing its most famous landmark!

What’s your one piece of advice for budding photographers?

Go exploring with your camera either first thing in the morning or late in the afternoon. Shoot in the best light you can – everything is transformed.

SilverKris_Brisbane City Botanic Gardens
A stunning image captured by Lauren at Brisbane’s City Botanic Gardens (SilverKris, Nov 2018)

What’s your favourite place to photograph in the world and why?

This is difficult, as I haven’t been everywhere! Any new city or country is exciting to me – but what appeals to me most is character, charm and scruffiness. I don’t like anything too modern and polished. That’s why a country like Italy is endlessly appealing to me.

What’s been your most memorable travel experience for work or pleasure?

I have been lucky enough to shoot cookbooks in Italy and France – absolute dream assignments, with great teams of people, scenery and amazing food – what more could you ask for?

Where would you love to photograph that you haven’t yet?

So many places! The Greek islands, Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Monument Valley in the USA… the list goes on.

Lauren’s stunning photography of Brisbane’s beekeepers was the cover story for the SilverKris Nov 2018 issue

What are your three travel essentials?

Camera, backpack, phone.

Where do you dream of travelling to next?

The Greek island of Crete was where I was headed in June, but now that international travel is off the cards for the next little while, I would love to head back up to the Kimberley (in Western Australia) with my family. I was lucky to shoot a job up there last year, and areas like Emma Gorge and Zebedee Springs were so magical, I have to go back with my family.

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