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Photo essay: The gorgeous mudflats of Xiamen

Xiamen feature
The unique marine culture in Xiapu has been thriving for centuries. Seaweed farms form a major part of the aquaculture, while tidal fishing and oyster farms are also key to the economy.
Xiamen feature
Fisherfolk returning home after a day’s work in the tidal mudflats. From October to December, it’s harvest time for laver (a rich reddish brown edible seaweed).
Xiamen feature
Bamboo poles used for drying kelp and seaweed during the spring-summer harvest season extend out into the sea.
Xiamen feature
A fisherman hoisting seaweed onto his boat. Seaweed harvesting is a labour-intensive process that takes place on family-run farms.
Xiamen feature
The fishing community often lives in floating villages or on boats all year round, a lifestyle dating back to the Tang dynasty.
Xiamen feature
Oyster farming is another important part of the marine culture in Xiapu. These small, cupped monk-hat oysters are found in abundance in the waters around Fujian.

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This article was originally published in the December 2019 issue of Silkwinds magazine 

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