Tuesday, 26 May 2020

Sustainable travel: 6 ways to make a positive impact on your next trip

You may live sustainably at home but what about when you travel? What does that even mean? Does green travel begin when you reach your destination or does it start when you’re sitting in work on a rainy Tuesday, desperately plotting your next escape? Is it about keeping your carbon footprint light or should you also be conscious about giving back to local communities?

To break it down, sustainable travel is about being a responsible traveller and making smarter choices in every aspect of your trip. That doesn’t mean you need to totally overhaul your vacation though. We’ve put together a list of practical tips that will help you along the way, even if you’re just getting started on your sustainable travel journey.

Go by road or rail

Trains, planes and automobiles. Which one is best? Air travel is the natural enemy of sustainable travel because it wreaks havoc on the environment. The Swedes have even coined a new phrase, ‘flygskam’ or ‘flight shame,’ referring to the feeling of environmental guilt travellers have over flying. Unfortunately though, sometimes flying is non-negotiable. If you live in New Delhi and need to visit Tokyo, you’re not going to take the slow boat. So the best solution is to fly less.

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Spend your money locally

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