Saturday, 16 May 2020

Virtually travelling to the birthplaces of famous painters and musicians

Whether it was ‘The Starry Night’ or ‘Eroica’, the 3rd symphony, they’ve had us regale in their art since time immemorial.

Here’s a look at the birthplaces of the most popular and revered artists the world has seen.

Beethoven: Bonn, Germany

Home to the famous composer Ludwig van Beethoven, Bonn was the capital of Germany before it got shifted to Berlin.

Beethoven-Haus at Bongasse 20, where he spent his early childhood, contains a comprehensive collection of his works and has been turned into a museum. A short walk away is the Beethovenhalle, which holds a concert regularly by the Beethoven Orchestra.

An hour from Cologne, Bonn is a potpourri of culture, art and nature. The mile-long stretch called Museum Mile is a heady immersion into a variety of topics, from World War II at the Haus der Geschichte (or House of History) , art at the Kunstmuseum Bonn (the art museum) to Mathematics at Arithmeum that lays down the history of math.

Amrita Shergil: Budapest, Hungary

Eminent painter and artist extraordinaire of Indo-Hungarian parentage, Shergil spent much of her childhood in Budapest. The city of sparties, Budapest is a heady concoction of westernization and the Soviet legacy.

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