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Ways to spruce up your home office

KrisShop Scene Shang Diffuser home workspace story
Orchid Island Papercut Room Diffuser

1. Create a calming, fragrant environment

Aromatherapy is believed to bring about numerous benefits, such as relaxing and elevating your mood. Turn your work area into a stress-free oasis by lighting a scented candle or diffusing a few drops of essential oil. Try the Orchid Island Papercut Room Diffuser from Scene Shang, a beautiful product that features artisanal paper in a lattice design. Once the paper fibres are dipped in the essential oils, they gradually absorb and release a fragrance of lily of the valley, cashmere musk, violet leaves, amber and orchid in the air.

KrisShop Scene Shang planter stand home workspace story
Plant High Stand

2. Brighten your space up with greenery

Plants, like aromatherapy, inspire a sense of serenity and well-being, and the colour green also reduces stress and fatigue. Not only that, having a few plants on your desk improves air quality by releasing oxygen, reducing carbon dioxide and removing toxins. Get fuss-free succulents, or place a potted plant on this elegant Plant High Stand from Scene Shang that comes in a soft cornflower blue with brass legs.

3. Make yourself comfy

Given that you’re sitting for the better part of the day every day, you want to make your home office chair as comfortable as possible. A cushion will provide the necessary support to your back and tailbone. Go one up and get a cushion cover that brings life to your workspace, such as this Blue Straits Cushion Cover from Photo Phactory that pays homage to Peranakan tiles and classic porcelain.

KrisShop Scene Shang jute rug home workspace story
Jute Round Rug

4. Don’t neglect the floor

Rugs bring comfort to your feet and help make a space feel warm and inviting. Plus, they also absorb sound and add character to a room, so don’t downplay the usefulness of a well-placed rug. Try this rustic handwoven Jute Round Rug from Scene Shang. Its earthy shade makes it a calming and cosy addition to your study.

KrisShop Scene Shang brass frame grace home workspace story
Grace Brass Frame

5. Give your eyes a treat

A frame does wonders in adding to the aesthetic of your home office desk. Not only does it showcase your personality, it also gives you something interesting to look at when your eyes need a break. Frame up your favourite inspirational quote or magazine clippings, or get this Grace “En” with Brass Frame from Scene Shang. The tasteful frame showcases the Chinese character for “grace” against a calming backdrop of majestic mountains and rolling clouds, inspiring you to take a deep breath and take work challenges in stride.

6. Get your stationery in order

For maximum productivity, keep your desk clutter-free. Arrange all your work-related stationery neatly using storage solutions. Anything from empty jars to cans or wooden trays will do, but this Stationery Box from The Art Faculty organises all your pens, Post-Its, paper clips and the like in an elegant way. The lacquerware box features a gorgeous illustration of Singapore’s skyline on the outside, as well as an interior lined with black velvet for an added luxurious feel.

KrisShop Rehyphen map home workspace story
Musiccloth World Map Poster

7. Add a pop of colour to your wall

In addition to your desk, turn your workspace into a creative hub by decorating your wall. Anything can bring life to the empty space, from graphic prints to abstract art to typography. You could also at the same time do your part in reducing waste by getting this Musiccloth World Map Poster from Rehyphen that is woven from discarded cassette tapes.

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