Friday, 12 June 2020

The golden age of travel: the privilege of travelling since the 1950s to now

While being lucky enough to travel so extensively we have almost taken it for granted. As we now have the time to pause and reflect, we must look back at the golden age of travel and realise how privileged we are to be born at this time.

The golden age of travel began almost 250 years ago with the end of great voyages, in the discovery of new worlds, and with the beginning of the industrial revolution. And around a century and a half ago, the concept of formal tours was introduced for paying tourists, which would become a global phenomenon with the end of the Great War. With the advent of commercial flights in the early 50s, travelling to far off destinations and experiencing new adventures became a reality – a life far bigger than any one of us could imagine.

Travel has always been essential, but it’s only just recently that it morphed from the random to the organised when wealthy Europeans, almost two centuries ago, started to go on tailor-made trips and expeditions and returned with fascinating stories to share with the wide-eyed souls.

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