Friday, 19 June 2020

Wayfaring with wellness: the ayurvedic way of life

In our ‘new reality’ that we are still coming to terms with, one of the key measures that will help us fight diseases is building a strong immune system, which is the very foundation of India’s healing science of Ayurveda. It’s both ironic and befitting, that one of my last travel stints before our world went into lockdown, happened to be a brush with Ayurveda. Had I known then that our world was going to be turned on its head very soon with immunity being at the centre of it, I would have taken to Ayurveda as swiftly as bees to salvia bushes in bloom. But like the slow results of Ayurveda, my conversion from a sceptic too was an unhurried one. And like most results of Ayurveda, it has been permanent.

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