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“I tried living an eco-friendly lifestyle for 24 hours”

The sustainability movement has gained traction in recent years, with individuals becoming more aware of their impact on the natural world. More and more people are hoping to lead an environmentally friendly lifestyle by cutting waste, making responsible purchases, reducing their carbon footprint and supporting local producers.

In light of this, KrisShop has rolled out a new concept store, KrisShop Green, with five categories of products – Clean Beauty, Cruelty Free, Eco-Friendly, Organic and Recyclable – that are both covetable and kind to the environment, as they are made from non-toxic and natural materials or recyclables.

While I practise recycling, use reusable cups and cutlery, bring around cloth totes and ensure that I use each plastic bag multiple times, I have never fully plunged headlong into the green movement – until now.

I recently decided to spend a day keeping to entirely eco-friendly choices, with the help from products found on KrisShop Green. Read on to find out if I succeeded.

Snow Fox Cooling Foam Cleanser KrisShop Green
Snow Fox Cooling Foam Cleanser


After completing a run in the morning, I take a quick shower and proceed with my skincare routine. I wash my face with Snowfox’s Cooling Foam Cleanser, a natural product made with coconut-based foam before patting on the Gold Infusion Youth Potion from Diego Dalla Palma, a serum with 28 natural oils and pure gold leaf. I finish with Teaology’s Happy Skin, an all-in-one beauty balm that’s made with 95% natural ingredients and a vegan formula to nourish the face, neck, eye contour and lips.

Banyan Tree Ceramic Oil Burner KrisShop Green
Banyan Tree Classic Ceramic Oil Burner


I add a few drops of Banyan Tree’s pure lemongrass essential oil into a lead-free ceramic oil burner – it is said to promote clarity of mind and relieve stress, which helps me as I go about my morning tasks while working from home.

Boc n Roll KrisShop Green
Boc ‘n Roll Patchwork Green by Roll’eat


I’m off to the neighbourhood mall to grab some lunch and coffee. I get the café to pop my sandwich order into my Boc ‘n Roll reusable wrap, which reduces the need for single-use plastic food bags or tin foil and can hold up to eight slices of bread. I also pass them my Dath Bamboo Fibre Cup for the coffee. Not only does it brighten up my day with its cheery colours, it’s made from sustainably harvested and 100% biodegradable bamboo fibre.

Beeutiful Beeswax wraps KrisShop Green
Beeutiful Beeswax wraps


Feeling a little parched, I make my way down to the coffeeshop to grab some fruit juice with my reusable cup. I say no to a plastic straw, and use a stainless steel straw from The Art Faculty instead. On the way home, I pop into the nearby bakery to get a nut muffin and I ask the staff to wrap it up with a beeswax wrap from Beeutiful. It’s a fully compostable product made from 100% cotton and infused with virgin organic coconut oil and cold-pressed jojoba oil. Beeswax wraps are easy to use – simply squeeze one with your hands to soften it, wrap it around the product you want and apply pressure for three seconds to adhere the seal to it.


Getting ready for dinner, the first thing I do is wash some rice in a bowl, setting the water aside for my plants. I make some fried rice and pack the leftovers into a reusable lunchbox for my husband’s lunch tomorrow. After dinner, I pour us a glass each of the 2015 Chateau Guiraud Sauternes, an organic 1er Cru Classe fruity dessert wine that has Semillon and Sauvignon Blanc grape varieties with notes of wild honey, apricot and marmalade, which we pair with some blue cheese.

Sand and Sky Australian Pink Clay Mask KrisShop Green
Sand and Sky Australian Pink Clay Mask


As I wind down, I cleanse my face and apply the Australian Pink Clay Mask from Sand & Sky, a cult clay mask that has gone viral thanks to its ability to fight acne. It’s an all-natural product made with Australian pink clay that draws out toxins from pores to cleanse the skin; Witch Hazel to soothe irritation; Kelp to ramp up the skin repair process; Old Man’s Weed to tackle pigmentation and pomegranate to boost collagen production. The result: brighter and tighter skin in just 10 minutes.

Snowfox Rose Quartz Facial Roller KrisShop Green
Snowfox Rose Quartz Facial Roller


I fall into bed and just before falling asleep, I put on serum and use the naturally cooling Rose Quartz Facial Roller from Snowfox on my face to improve blood circulation, promote lymphatic drainage and reduce puffiness.

It’s not easy committing to a completely eco-friendly lifestyle, as old habits are hard to break and there are bound to be slip-ups. I can’t complain, though, as all the eco-friendly and ethical products have the added perk of being pretty, luxurious, delicious or all of the above! Leaving the earth in better shape for future generations can also mean living well now.

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