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My best shot: Bali, Indonesia

David Terrazas My Best Shot
A serene pond in Bali

Originally from Spain, David Terrazas has been based in Bangkok since 2010.

He has been working as a photographer internationally for 15 years and – other than being a frequent SilverKris contributor – has shot for the likes of The New York Times, Surface magazine, W Hotels, Soho House and more. His selected image was taken on the beautiful island of Bali in Indonesia.

What does the photograph capture?

A pretty incidental ordinary scene in a pond on the island of Bali.

What do you love about this particular image?

It emits serenity, freshness and a sense of beauty – not in the perfectly clean sense of the word, but in a more imperfect, mature and human way.

HCMC Architecture feature
A photo of the stunning Wind and Water Café at Ho Chi Minh City, shot by David for SilverKris

What did you have to do to get this specific shot?

Be there [in the moment] with open eyes in a photographic sense. But I have to confess that I have a predisposition for ponds and all their living beings.

What was the assignment?

I was in Bali on assignment for SilverKris. It was a fashion spread story about a couple in Ubud. 

What was the most memorable moment of the assignment?

Probably our stay in Mandapa, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve. This luxury retreat is like entering in another world. Driving through the busy streets of Ubud, just separated by a small alley, one finds himself in one of the most glorious valleys crossed by a riverfront. The architecture, interior design, service and food complements this resort tucked away in lush, beautiful greenery.

What was the biggest challenge you faced?

Indonesia is a paradise for travel photography, but when it comes to fashion, it can get a bit challenging finding local models and stylists, which is understandable due to its small fashion industry.

What’s your one piece of advice for budding photographers?

Find what makes you passionate about photography, build your own style and study the works of the great classic photographers.

What’s your favourite place to photograph in the world?

It’s hard to choose a single place. But if I had to spend a few weeks in a country, it would probably be Iceland. The nature is outstanding – raw in the best sense of the word and tranquil. The climate is rather cold, considering I spend most of my time in tropical countries, but nothing that can’t be fixed with a couple of extra layers.   

feature bangkok thai chefs
David shot this image of Duangporn “Bo” Songvisava, chef-owner at Bo.lan, for a Bangkok feature in SilverKris

What’s been your most memorable travel experience for work or pleasure?

Iceland, Lombok (Indonesia), Fernando de Noronha (Brazil), Nicaragua and the list continues. These are places with unparalleled natural raw beauty.

Where would you love to photograph that you haven’t yet?

Antarctica would be a dream, but being more budget-realistic, a long photography trip in India or Mongolia would be a pleasure.  

What are your three travel essentials?

Camera, passport and credit card.  

Where do you dream of travelling next?

I’m planning a three-week trip in a camper van in Iceland this coming summer if travel restrictions ease.

See more of David’s photography here.

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