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6 Singapore-themed home accessories for a more stylish souvenir

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Whether you’re looking for a non-traditional souvenir to remember the city-state by or want to spruce up your home in time for National Day on August 9, Lemongrass & Aubergine offers a unique collection of home accessories inspired by Singapore.

Opened in 2008 by founder Sonia Greig, the chic homegrown boutique in Cluny Court is a treasure trove of modern European-style homeware that ranges from eco-friendly rugs from Swedish brand Pappelina to scented candles made in France. Other French brands it carries include tableware specialist Sabre and Savor & Sens, a brand that offers gourmet spreads and food seasoning.

“We also try to do our part to keep the planet healthy by offering sustainable products such as bamboo plates and metal straws,” says Sonia, who provides a complimentary gift wrapping service and is currently working on a new line of products for men and children.

Here are six Singapore-themed home accessories designed by Lemongrass & Aubergine that will go with any interior style.

Lemongrass & Aubergine Chili Crab Kitchen Towel
Chili Crab Kitchen Towel

1. French-made kitchen towels

Manufactured by textile company Tissage Moutet using a French weaving technique, these cotton jacquard kitchen towels were born from the founder’s desire for novel gift items with original designs and high craftsmanship.

“I wanted to showcase the cultural heritage of Singapore, highlighting the things that make this nation stand out,” shares Sonia, who took inspiration from her experiences dining in local restaurants, trying local dishes for the first time and discovering the sights and sounds of Singapore.

Among the inaugural designs in her Singapore collection is the Chili Crab Kitchen Towel.  “It’s become a best-seller and has made its way into numerous homes around the world,” she says.

Lemongrass & Aubergine Singapore-themed apron
Singapore-themed apron

2. Tropical-themed aprons

Featuring 15 different designs, Lemongrass & Aubergine’s collection of Singapore-themed aprons was launched along with the kitchen towels, and bears matching designs. The aprons are adjustable to fit most body types and can be used by both adults and children.

“I tweaked the design of the aprons about two years ago to suit the material of the products and allow the graphics to stand out more,” Sonia says.

Besides the crowd favourite Chili Crab, these aprons also depict the HDBs of Singapore and tropical fruits such as longan, lychee and durian.

Lemongrass & Aubergine oven set
Merlion oven set

3. Oven mitts celebrating the Merlion

Another charming addition to the original collection are the cotton jacquard oven mitts. They sport a more minimalist design, depicting the Merlion and the black-and-white colonial houses of Singapore.

“I wanted to highlight the sights that were a significant change from France, where I come from. One of them is the majestic architecture of Singapore’s colonial, monochromatic houses,” explains the entrepreneur.

Coasters with street names

4. Coasters inspired by street names

Reminiscent of Andy Warhol’s Pop Art paintings, Lemongrass & Aubergine’s Singapore-themed neon coasters spotlight the streets of the city-state. Made of cork, these accessories come in a set of eight, each featuring a different colour scheme, including more neutral, earthy palettes.

“When designing these coasters, I thought about the first time I had to navigate the streets of Singapore and how confusing it was,” Sonia recalls. “At the same time, I was fascinated by the country’s unique street names, and the fact that there are at least six streets in Singapore named after bananas.”

Lemongrass & Aubergine table mats
Cork table mats

5. Colourful cork table mats

Following the popularity of the kitchen towels and aprons, Sonia decided to reproduce the Singapore-inspired design on placemats, which lend a quirky touch to any dining table. These colourful cork table mats are heat-resistant, durable and also easy to clean and maintain.

“It makes for a great housewarming gift, and is lightweight enough to carry in a suitcase or send by post,” says Sonia, who also designed the table mats in a monochrome palette, featuring the streets of Singapore.

Lemongrass & Aubergine Champagne flutes
Champagne flutes

6. Picnic-friendly champagne flutes

The brand’s latest collection of Singapore-inspired products is a series of white champagne flutes. Perfect for toasting the nation’s 55th birthday, they are based around the districts of the country, such as Chinatown, Raffles Place, Little India, Tiong Bahru and Novena. The plastic material makes them unbreakable and thus child-friendly.

Unlike the coasters, the champagne glasses have a simpler design with a touch of European sophistication. Sonia adds, “They evoke a classic vibe and are meant to be used for picnics in the garden or by the poolside.”

Lemongrass & Aubergine banner

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