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7 unexpected and alternative things to do in Singapore

Singapore might be known as many things — garden city, a foodie’s paradise, Little Red Dot among others — but there are plenty of other alternative and unique things to do in this island city-state, if you know where to look.

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1. Master a local dish on Pulau Ubin

Taking place in a 100-year-old house on stilts on the quaint island of Pulau Ubin, this unique cooking lesson takes you back to 1960s Singapore. Self-taught cook Ruqxana Vasanwala of Cookery Magic shows you how to gather herbs from the nearby gardens and prepare dishes such as nasi kerabu (herbed rice), sambal belacan tumis (stir-fried shrimp chilli paste) and butter prawns served on cut banana leaves. End the meal on a sweet note with your very own ice kachang (shaved ice dessert).

unusual things to do in Singapore
Chilli crab with fried mantou is a classic dish to try in Singapore. Photo credit: bonchan/

2. Tuck into zi char at a colonial bungalow

A 1920s colonial house on Upper East Coast Road is the location of the unpretentious Hua Yu Wee Restaurant. Comforting, home-style fare is served in an old-school setting featuring nondescript plastic chairs and well-worn tablecloths. Dine alfresco to fully take in the casual, communal atmosphere. Must-try dishes at this zi char (stir-fried dishes that are cooked to order) restaurant include the restaurant’s signature chilli crab, crispy fried duck and flattened roast chicken that are decades-old favourites.

Watch: Rishi and his new Scottish mates tuck into a typical zi char meal and try out a traditional Singaporean breakfast

3. Have kopi gu you for breakfast

Not only does the humble Heap Seng Leong serve up a quintessential local breakfast of fresh kaya toast with eggs, it is one of the few places in Singapore where you can order a glass of kopi gu you (coffee with butter). While that might sound odd, the stick of butter lends a smooth, caramelised note to the rich, aromatic coffee. Bonus: With weathered cupboards, old tiles and coffee still made the old-school way (passed through a sock), this 1950s coffeeshop offers a visual journey back in time.

gardenasia farmstay unusual things to do in Singapore
Leave the city behind and stay in these gorgeous lodgings modelled after British colonial houses

4. Escape to the countryside with a farmstay

For a nature-packed respite from city life, book a stay at Gardenasia’s Farmstay Villas, nestled in the Kranji countryside. The three one-bedroom lodgings are modelled after Singapore’s black-and-white British colonial houses, with marble-tiled bathrooms. In addition to the lush landscape and swimming pool, there’s an on-site bistro that whips up meals using local farm-fresh ingredients. Hop over to any of the nearby farms, such as Hay Dairies and Jurong Frog Farm, to the feed frogs and watch the goats being milked.

5. Have a smashing time

To release pent-up grievances or just experience the unbridled joy of destroying things without consequence, The Fragment Room is the place to go. Sign up for one of its packages and blow off steam alone or with some friends. You’ll get safety gear as well as a crate of everyday items, from plates and glassware to printers, and a baseball bat. Pulverise away to a song list of your choice for a hugely satisfying 30 minutes.

Tribe Tours traditional bakery unusual things to do in Singapore
Find out how traditional soft, fluffy white bread are made each morning

6. Meet traditional craftspeople

Even as Singapore powers forward in technological advancements, old-school ways of doing things still persist. To find out more about traditional businesses and to gain an insight into Singapore’s past, sign up for the Disappearing Trades tour. You’ll see the workings of an old-fashioned bakery and chat with makers of paper objects for Chinese prayer rituals before stopping by a traditional coffee-roasting factory.

Palm Ave Float Club unusual things to do in Singapore
If you need to relieve stress, try going for a session at this flotation club

7. Keep calm with flotation therapy

The world and all its noise are shut out at Palm Ave Float Club, which offers flotation therapy. You’ll step into a futuristic pod filled with warm water that contains enough Epsom salt to make you buoyant and relax your muscles. Soft music and darkness send you into a meditative state, and just one session is said to deliver reduced stress and greater clarity.

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