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How to choose the right mattress for you

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You’ve perfected your night-time routine: lavender mist, no screen time, 10 minutes of meditation and a full eight hours of sleep. So how come you’re still waking up tired and sore? Chances are you’re sleeping on a bad mattress.

Choosing a mattress isn’t something the average person has the faintest clue about. There are many aspects to consider, from the density of the product to the material it’s made of. You also have to know which sleeping position you favour to determine which mattress suits you best.

To make sure your next purchase isn’t one you’ll regret, we speak to Tyler Peh, co-founder of Singapore-based bedding brand Woosa, on what makes a quality mattress and why comfort is just as important as support.

Not enjoying restful sleep? It might be because of your mattress. Photo credit:

What are some tips for choosing the perfect mattress?

Selecting the right mattress is the balance of four factors: comfort, support, durability and price. A good start would be to understand the materials used in the mattress to know exactly what you’re paying for. Ideally, the perfect mattress should use the right proportions of high-quality materials that are best suited to your preferred firmness, without costing too much. We find that for most users, the perfect mattress is a medium level of firmness – soft on the initial feel, but firm enough on deeper levels to offer enough support.

Which mattress material is the best?

While springs and generic PU foams are commonly used in the majority of mattresses, we find that latex and memory foam offer the best overall performance. Latex is extensively researched to be one of the best materials in the industry. It offers superior comfort, excellent weight distribution for all kinds of sleepers and is extremely durable. As a natural material, latex is also free of harmful chemicals. There are also different classes of latex from regular Dunlop latex to the premium Talalay and Sonocore latex, which offer even greater levels of comfort. A good piece of latex should be nice and consistent in terms of firmness and density, not trap heat and be tested to last without flaking or disintegrating.

A firmer mattress may not be a good fit for side sleepers

You also mentioned memory foam – tell us more.

Due to its high conforming nature, memory foam is the best for providing support and pressure relief. As it reacts to the body’s weight and heat, memory foam gently sinks and hugs the heavier parts of the body, like the hips and shoulders, to alleviate pressure. High-quality memory foam is designed to minimise heat retention, have a short memory period and be made with certified safe ingredients.

There’s an assumption that firmer mattresses are better. Is this true?

This is a common misconception. At the end of the day, selecting a mattress’s firmness largely depends on a user’s sleeping position and preferred comfort level. While a firmer mattress may better suit back sleepers, it is not the most comfortable mattress. Many people tend to switch positions unknowingly throughout the night, which means a firmer mattress may not be so suitable.

A good mattress can be plush, comfortable as well as supportive

Which is more important: comfort or support?

Some sleepers are afraid to seek out comfort for fear of sacrificing support, which makes sleeping simply a process instead of an enjoyable experience. A good mattress can be plush, comfortable and supportive enough to prevent backaches in the morning. In general, the mattress should have enough give and support to conform to the spine’s natural curvature. A mattress that is too firm, especially for side or stomach sleepers, may end up causing unnecessary pressure to fall on areas like the hips and shoulders.

How can you tell if your mattress is spoiling your sleep?

The most common sign of poor-quality sleep is when you wake up feeling unrested despite sleeping adequate hours, or experience some form of body ache in the morning. Feeling comfortable when you rest in bed is also extremely important. If you find that you’re dealing with broken springs or sunken foams, or simply can’t find the right position to be comfortable, it’s definitely time to change your mattress.

Woosa mattresses are made with a unique four-layer combination of thick, Belgian Sonocore latex and European quality memory foam

How do you ensure quality mattresses at Woosa?

We believe good-quality sleep starts with high-quality materials. The Woosa Mattress is made in Belgium, using the highest quality foams and fabrics. Our unique four-layer combination of thick, Belgian Sonocore latex and European quality memory foam creates a hybrid sleeping surface that offers the best of both worlds. The bouncy latex tops provide responsiveness and durability, while the memory foam gently conforms your body throughout the night – suitable for all sleepers and all different positions. All this is wrapped in a stretchy, moisture-wicking fabric from Italy to help the mattress stay cool and dry from sweat.

Unlike a traditional store where you try a mattress for a couple of minutes, Woosa Mattress also comes with a 100-day free trial. If you find it unsuitable, you can return it for a full refund.

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